Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Giddy Beginning

"Giddy"...that's a funny word. Not one you hear very often but it describes my present mood perfectly! Waking early on Christmas morning, the day you're going to get your first driver's license, the morning of your wedding, the first confirmed real contraction that announces "the baby is on the way!" all manufacture an emotion slightly greater than what I am experiencing now...but only slightly.

It all kinda started about fifteen years ago, four...no, it had to be more like twelve years ago...definitely about twelve years ago when my children were 9,7,5 and unplanned (as yet). We were living in a town in south Georgia in a Double-Wide mobile home ("trailers" are in parks and we were in a "mobile home community"). My husband was a minister of education, music, something, I'm not really sure any more, but he was at church. I remember vividly sitting on the couch, looking out the window when these words came to mind: "My Home and My Hips Are Both Double-Wide". Just like that. Being a minister's wife I knew that if random words popped into my head they should be words from the Bible. I retrieved my handy-dandy concordance (a must for ministers and their wives) and could not find "double-wide" anywhere. There were references for "double-edged" as in Heb 4:12 and Revelation where they both mention sharp as a double-edged sword. There was also a reference to "double-minded" man mentioned in Psalms and James and God did not think highly of either of them. But there was no mention of double-wide.

Then just as quickly as the whole phrase came to mind I started wondering what I was supposed to do with it. Was it the name of a country song I should write (I hope not)? Then The Voice (well it sounded like my voice) said "Title of a book". Cool. I should write a book. When? How? Who am I kidding?

For the past twelve years I've jotted stuff down, been to a writer's conference where I received wonderful feedback on my "stuff". I've announced the name of my book (now my new blog.spot)to hundreds of ladies at women's conferences where I've spoken,who all want to pre-order copies. But alas...I am lazy and scared of rejection. Pretty poor excuses.

My main negative thought (and there have been many) is how in the world do I find a publisher interested in publishing my gibberish?
Yet whenever anyone has read it they've expressed nothing but praise...oh except for my former pastor's wife who said "but you're not funny." I've forgiven her. And a magazine publisher who sent me a letter saying they were publishing my story, then sent another the next week saying they reconsidered because they believed my humor was too "hostile" . For the record, it was a homeschooling magazine who thought Veggie Tales was "hostile humor". I'll run that story this week.

Bottom line: I have lots of writings already, I have tons of ideas for stories and I don't have to lose sleep on whether or not the publisher gets my humor or not (yet!). So...I hope you'll stay tuned, tell your friends (even your homeschooling ones).

That little voice of doubt (who am I kidding? Its louder than thunder!) is saying, "No one is going to read anything you write. Ever since the success of 'Julie and Julia' everyone and their Grandmother is writing blogs, hoping to get a movie deal".
But guess what? I don't care! I really don't! I will take what I have written and all that I want to write (okay not all of it...I'll save some of it for my other blog where I do NOT mention that I'm a minister's wife) and post it for my family and I, and if my family doesn't want to read it (because they lived it) I won't make them.


  1. I love it! I am so glad you have joined the blogger world! Amy

  2. WOW! I REMEMBER this conversation! We were standing in your home and you said: I'm gonna write a book one day and it'll be called... I've never forgotten that, girl. Welcome, welcome to the world of words. Bec!


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