Friday, February 26, 2010

Impressive, Isn't It?

The cure for anything is salt water--sweat, tears or the sea.  Isak Dinesen

I saw this quote a couple of days ago at Life Liberty Pursuit.  It is very sweet but I laughed out loud...literally.
My mother-in-law must be a faithful Isak Dinesen follower because she truly believes salt water will cure anything!

Its kind of a "joke" in the family (all in love) that if someone has an ailment; anything from a runny nose to an in-grown toenail the remedy is "gargle with hot, salty water." My husband has been known to snort the stuff through his nose and it does immediately clear congestion.  Don't think it does much for the toenails, except causing you to forget about it momentarily while you're choking on hot, salty water.

Before you go thinking my 83 year old mother-in-law is a little lady sitting hunched over in a rocker telling everyone to "garlge with hot, salty water", I've included a picture of her, taken a few months ago, riding an electric horse. More on her later!

My husband has been sick with fever and cough for two weeks. He garlged and snorted hot, salty water for three days, to little avail, and I finally talked him into seeing the doctor yesterday (why are they so stubborn?)
He said the doctor told him he had an "impressive case of bronchitis."

Mt. Rushmore.... impressive
Quadruple axle....impressive
Valeri Bertenelli's fifty lb. weight loss....okay...impressive
Popularity of Lady Gaga.....impressive

BRONCHITIS? Impressive? I'm missing something here.
Don't misunderstand me. My husband is extremely impressive! He's 6'3", strong, very, very handsome (in fact I often quote 'Raising Helen' and refer to him as my "Sexy Man of God" but don't tell the church folks!)

I imagine he might even have an impressive set of lungs being that he's never smoked and has been a singer all of his life (I'm guessing that would help your lungs...) but an impressive case of bronchitis? I guess if all the doctor had seen yesterday was mediocre runny noses, blase' blood pressure levels and average back pain, then she may have been relieved to finally see something quite impressive, like my hubby's bronchitis.

An inhaler was prescribed.  The medication inside the inhaler was listed on the side of the box and sounded oddly familiar. They charged us $47.00 for salty water......that's IMPRESSIVE!


  1. The pic of mother in law is priceless! WB

  2. Why are we so stubborn? Did you not read my blog? It has nothing to do with our being stubborn. Read it again. This is that falling in the ditch metaphor I was talking about, and you are going to have to help him out.

    Oh, and from what I can tell, there is nothing impressive about this ga ga woman. There may be some mention of her in Revelations. She must be one of the seven signs that signal the apocalypse, because if anyone is being entertained or heaven forbid inspired by this person, we are assuredly headed for destruction.

  3. nha4400: you are NOT right. I mean you're right but not RIGHT!

  4. You can actually buy nostril shaped pots to pour salt water into your nose. It feels like your drowning. But it does clear you out!!


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