Thursday, February 25, 2010

My New Community

I reached a new "blogmark" today! (see 'Things to Come') Someone commented on FB that they were disappointed I didn't have a new post. How exciting! The reasons I didn't have a new post were:
1.  I was leaving my last post over a day to see if it got anymore hits (it got a couple more)
2.  I was adding a new page titled Recipes (see above)
3.  I've been blog-hopping!

Here's a little more information on #3.  When I started blogging I assumed I would be writing most of the time and I do write a LOT. Trust me I could write here all day and night, but I am trying to "pace myself" as my sister lovingly advised. (Thanks, Sis!)

But then I found out if you want people besides your friends, family and FB stalkers to read what you've taken the time to write, then you need to read what they've written. See, during the BB period of my life (Before Blogging) I took five to ten minutes each day to check my email, stalk on Facebook, milk my virtual cows, collect virtual eggs, and then I was done.

"What is the big deal?" I asked myself. "What are people doing ALL DAY on their computers?"

Then I got hooked on Blogging. Which, by the way happened through Redbook, a magazine I normally don't read, I do NOT endorse and I will explain at a later time. And now I write a while and read a LOT. And this is my New Community! I have learned stuff, laughed a lot, and have had a great time...and its only been less than two weeks.

Yes, I've neglected housework, laundry, grocery shopping, excercise, hygiene (how DO you spell that awful word?!) and cooking. In fact I call it the BLOG DIET! I've lost 4.25 lbs because I haven't eaten in twelve days.   But "Oh the places I've seen!" (that would be Dr. Suess, I believe. If there's one thing l've learned in twelve days is give credit where credit is due).

I am dying to introduce you to some of my new "friends"! There are many and most of them you can see on my blog list but I must tell you about a couple, in particular. Oh, another thing! I've apparently inspired a few others to start blogging. I warned them it was addictive but they dove in and found it very theraputic (another stupid word that's hard to spell!) I'll check with them before I share their addresses. Don't know if they are ready for public exposure yet.

The first blog you gotta try, is Mennonite Girls Can Cook  and I've got to warn you it is obscene what these girls are doing with DOUGH!  They've apparently installed a gadget called  "SmellaBlog" because the aroma of freshly baked Cinnamon Rolls is overpowering. It could be my imagination (I would like to invent a gadget called SmellaBlog or at least I get the rights! You read it here first!) but I have found no other blog (including Pioneer Woman who has done obscene things with meat and potatoes) that makes me want to lick my monitor. So if you don't mind the taste of dust, venture over to this blog and remember you have been warned. One more thing: it doesn't hurt that I love all things Amish (thanks to Beverly Lewis) and I know saying Mennonite and Amish are the same is like saying  people who live in Florida are from the south...its just not right...but their simple way of life makes me plum envious!

Next zip on over to God's Favorite Shoes for awesome fashion tips. This chick doesn't work for a magazine she just likes fun clothes! In fact her profile reads "does that mean we should wear mom jeans and Crocs?" Her writing is fun and her style is too!

And finally for some laughs hop over to Lulaville . I want to be her RLF (Real Life Friend)!

These are not by any means the only blogs I enjoyed this week. There are many, many more and most of them can be easily arrived at by clicking on the list on the left or on my profile. Happy Reading!Do something CRAZY today! And share the love!



  1. This is so true! I did not start receiving traffic on my blog until I took the time to blog hop and leave comments for others. I have found some amazing women out there!

  2. Yes I was on the blogging diet when I realized that when my kids aren't around I CAN eat at the computer. (because they are not allowed to) So much for the diet. Love your blog.

  3. First I love your blog title! Already I know you have a sense of humor, and don't we need a great big dose of THAT everyday. LOL!

    Being Lula's IRL friend is pretty darn cool I've got to say. She is everything she seems and more. It's okay to be jealous. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today:)Good luck with the blog addiction!:)

  5. Yes I finally came to the realization as well that I needed to actually read others posts and comment and get my face out there or else no one would ever see little ol me and probably seek me out. In the beginning it did get a little out of hand, but now it's all gravy. My husband gives me 1 evening a week to get my "Matrix" on and then the rest of the week the family has me. It's a win/win situation! :o)

    My best, Lynn

  6. Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am brand new to this too, and there is definitely an obsession happening!
    To answer your question- Yes, I do love the family of God! And, it has been so wonderful to see that in many blogs that I have visited.
    Also, if you are interested in dipping your toes back into the sewing world, that little Frenchy-type bag is very easy, and I have made many in a wide variety of fabrics. They are great gifts!
    You can find it on Alicia Paulson's blog Posie. It is call the "Jane Market Bag". Very fun!
    Have a wonderful day!!!

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