Friday, February 19, 2010

Silver and Gold

I've reached two blogging landmarks this morning and I'm so (may I use the word again?) "giddy"!

I appreciate so much the friends and family who have so kindly read my ramblings. I appreciate even more those who left comments: words of encouragement, either here or on Facebook. You tell yourself you're doing...whatever...for yourself, not other people, but its just not true. We all like to be told "great job", "attagirl", even "not bad".

Some people MUST have words of affirmation on a consistent basis. These people are somtimes mistakenly called "high maintenance" when what they really need is just a couple of hours of therapy. Pray for them.

But this morning I had one of those "I've arrived" moments when two fellow (or sisterly) bloggers (whom I've never met)left comments! Yay! Thanks, Park Mom and Teresa! The blogging world seems to be one more exciting community with lots of smaller communities, depending on what your interests are. The drawback is that once I start reading other people's stories I lose track of time and forget to get back to my own blog...and life.

When I was a Brownie in Girl Scouts my mother, who was our leader, taught us a standard Girl Scout song. The words were "Make new friends. Keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold." We sang it at every troop meeting and I believe Mama sang it at the beginning of every school year (I do mean every.) It immediately came to mind when I realized I was making new friends and it will probably be stuck in my head the rest of the day.

That was the warm fuzzy I got this morning: I'm creating a place where new friendships are made and old ones are nurtured.

A former community I was involved in just never quite gave me that feeling. Clicking a button over someone's pretend crop to make it sparkle and then make the picture of tomatoes or daffodils larger...left me feeling...empty. I never got that "we're doing something together" emotion that comes from sharing real stories from real lives. Ironically some of my favorite blogs are from writers who do actually live on real farms!

The second blogging landmark (shall I call it blogmark?) was giving myself a nickname! I hope you noticed! As I was blog-hopping (apparently that's what its called) I noticed many authors didn't use their real names, but cute pen names. I understand this is supposedly for security purposes because there are bad people out there, although I'm not sure how it protects me, my identity or my family, but I'll play.

So I spent a long ten minutes...trying to come up with a cute name that related to my blog and the only thing I kept coming back to was Double Wide Mom. Of course my immediate thought was "Oh my gosh! They'll think I'm....HUGE".

But I couldn't come up with anything more attention-getting and because my title does have a "double" meaning (pun intended) AND when people meet me maybe they'll say "You don't look anything like I pictured!" (because what people say does tend to matter. See Paragraphs 2 & 3.)

Go say something nice to someone. Share a random act of kindness. Call someone on the telephone (remember the telephone?) for no reason except to say "hi". Go share the love. Jesus did.


  1. Attagirl. Great job! You have a definite gift for writing. Thanks for making my day a little easier to bear. God bless.
    Preacha Man

  2. Please note I did not write that post, but Preacha Man. Thanks, Preacha Man!

  3. I have only read one other blog, and that is Jorge Garcia's (Hurley on Lost) so I am something of a novice and unsure of the protocol. But I will verify for Miss "double-wide mom's" readers that I know her, and she is nowhere near the width she would have you believe. She does live in a double-wide, though. But I think to be a true southerner, you must live in a double-wide at least once in your life. Also, I've never seen the alleged gymnastics, but she has a lovely voice as claimed in The Curse. I think we have all most likely had a similar curse wished upon us as verified by the loud music blaring from my son's room and the nonstop telephone calls at all hours of the day and night.

    Oh, and "Miss Vera" would have been a good blogging name too.


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