Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trailers and Toilet Paper

Paper or plastic? Coffee or tea? Single-wide or Double-wide? It’s a question I often ask at events where I’m speaking. At one particular event no one raised their hands, and they looked at me as if I had suddenly dropped in from another planet. (T.T.: Trailer Terrestrial) I didn’t think they would understand that you can’t slam doors in double-wides. They are too thin for much pressure and if you find a way to slam it, all the pictures fall off the walls. They weren’t ready for the game we love to play: Toughing out the Tornado.

But I was so wrong. I learned you don’t have to experience something first hand to comprehend it, especially if its humor, and there’s a little bit of trailer trash in all of us. These joy-filled, fun-loving ladies were from my a suburb of Atlanta where double-wides are a myth...the subject of a good horror story.

Indeed, I grew up in a brick home, built on a firm foundation that sat on a corner lot. It was a great place for football games, T.V. tag, red light-green light, and dozens of other childhood games.

We had two massive oak trees that stood about thirty yards apart and just begged to be wrapped in toilet paper every summer. In those days you didn’t toilet paper people you didn’t like, but those whom you did. At least that’s what I was told. Apparently we were adored!

One evening my daddy heard a commotion in the front yard and we knew what was going on. A giant Charmin web covered our front porch and yard. It was actually a work of art. A body emerged from behind one of the trees, looking like a trapped victim in the web.

“Mr. Goins, can we please finish? We’re not quite done and this is the best ever! We’ll clean it up in the morning.”

“All right. Just be sure to get it cleaned up. It does look great!”

My dad  congratulated them on their vandalism! 

My sister and I got to clean it up the next morning... If I remember correctly (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't...) Mama had us put all the collected paper into a garbage bag and put it in the bathroom to be used later.
I call that TM: Trailer Mentality.  Also known as RECYCLING.


  1. I had to laugh at the "slamming" doors comment. You know my time living in a double wide and there's just no way to effectively slam a good door. And there's just nothing like riding out a tornado in a trailer. Funny!!

  2. I like to think of myself as honorary trailer trash. I earned that after serving a mission for my church in Oklahoma for 18 mos. Love your blog, your sense of of humor.

  3. Hi Leanne, thanks so much for visiting and following my blog!! Your blog is great, I especially love the name.

    I got the buttons/pictures a couple ways. The "poor choices" one is actually a real picture I took of the magnet on my fridge. The "I Love Not Camping" was found under Google images. I just entered the phrase and up it came. Then I save as a picture and upload to my blog. I just love the vintage styles and especially the ones with the cute phrases.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!!


  4. Hi Mrs. Leann! I read through your ENTIRE blog today and had to cover my mouth not to laugh out loud (in a room full of testers, I had to struggle to stay quiet LOL!) Your blog has been such an encouragement, even today :) Just thought I'd let you know!!!

  5. Awesome post! We once TP'd a friend's house on Halloween during prime trick or treat hours. His mom came to the door and passed out candy over and over again while we were IN HER FRONT YARD! Thanks for stopping by 6 Ring Circus today. I really appreciated the comment and am enjoying your blog. I have to say - the title is genius! :o)

  6. Ha ha, I so understand the whole T.P. scenario. We have been the victims of multiple T.P. experiences. The majority have all been good clean fun, not meanness, but the last one I think may have been a scorned ex-girlfriend of my middle boy.
    I also had the urge to re-use that toilet paper, but decided against it. :)


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