Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Engagement Test

     They were trying to drown me. It had to be a test. I couldn't help but think about the Salem Witch Trials. I had heard they would hold an accused witch under water for a certain length of time. If she drowned she was not a witch. If she lived, she was considered a witch and hung. (And we think our judicial system is bad!)
      The city girl from Atlanta (me) was engaged to the country boy from South Georgia (him) and they wanted to know if I liked to fish.
       "I've never"   You would have thought I said "I like to vacation on the moon."
       In that big, booming voice of his, my father-in-law-to-be said,"Well tomorrow we'll take care of that. Can't let my son marry a girl that's never been fishing, now, can we?"
        I wasn't sure why we couldn't but I was willing to learn....didn't look as if I had a choice.
       I had watched my fiance' and his parents with their rod and reels, fishing in the acre-large pond in front of their house, so I had no reason not to believe that's what would we would be doing. But apparently that was not the "testing ground."  The four of us crammed into the cab of the old Ford pick-up after loading very long sticks they called 'cane poles' and went to a place they called Sue Rose.  I soon discovered that Sue Rose was not the name of the place, but the name of the woman who owned the official testing ground.
      I was given a long stick with a string and cork on it and something nasty on the hook, and told "Stand over there and chunk it in the water."
      Of course it would be hilarious to say I threw the whole pole into the water but I'm not that ignorant and that would be a lie.  I got as close as I could to the water without sliding off the bank, dropped the cork in and then it happened. It started raining.  I tried to hide my smile as I said, "Too bad. Maybe another time."
     The four of us threw our poles in the back of the truck, piled in and sat. And sat. I wasn't quite sure what we were waiting for.
      "There we go," boomed the man, "Looks like its slacking off! Let's try again."
      We piled out, retrieved our poles and continued the test. FOUR times we piled into the truck waiting for the rain to "slack off"! FOUR times I thought "this is it, we're heading back." FOUR times I wondered if this is what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.
       I caught nothing. Not even a cold. I was very okay with that. I had no idea what I would do with a fish if I had caught it. The men caught about four between them and my future mother-in-law, I discovered has a gift. She caught twenty-seven and three of those were while we were waiting out the storm.
       It was decided that any girl that could withstand those conditions with a great attitude was worthy of their son. That's funny cause I don't remember having a great attitude, but I guess its worked out pretty good.  Just don't ask me to fish...


  1. Now that is a great story, and I am glad you passed the test!

  2. Wow I loved this!!! I'm with Joe I am glady you passed the test!!

  3. SOOOOO FUNNY!!!! Leanne, I LOVE this story and am right there with you! Thanks for sharing it - it made my day!

  4. Love this! Reminds me of home, except I'm the country girl :)

    P.S. it would have ben HILARIOUS if you'd thrown that pole in the water!

  5. What do you suppose would have happened if you had thrown in the pole?

  6. Such a funny story! I think that every new bride has some kind of initiation into the new family.
    I have been married for 25 years and I am still living that! It's EXHAUSTING! LOL

  7. There's nothing like a good fishin' story, and this is a keeper!


    PS - I wonder what they would have done HAD you pitched the pole into the water???

  8. Did you give them a test? Did you say, now, we're going to head to the city and I want you to navigate yourself to the mall in rush hour traffic, wearing a pair of high heels and don't forget to talk on your cell phone the whole time. Aaaannd go!

    Also, I wonder if I actually did that when I was a city girl? I'm thinking my life was more like, rush to work, rush to the movies, rush home. Rinse and repeat. But I kind of miss traffic.

  9. Nuttin' like a good fishin' story to start the mornin'. I love fishin' just don't ask me to touch the fish after I catch it. LOL
    Have a great Day!!!!

  10. That is too funny! I live on a farm, feed cows, mend fences and I don't fish! yuck!

    I did have to teach my husband how to get a cow out of the highway and into the fence!

    Love the fishing story!

  11. HA! That's a awesome story!! I hate fishing, I feel sorry for the fish but you on the other hand we're a great trooper!

    I agree with Kearsie, did he have some sort of test to endure as well???

  12. You get the same kind of initiation with my family. You gotta know how to fish, or at least pretend to like it. Funny stuff!

  13. Great story! I think my engagement test was simply being able to put up with Fred...and eat pinto beans. YUCK.

    I have a cute fishing story, though. Once when my children were very young, a friend took them and Fred fishing while I was at work. When I came home, my son proudly took me into the bathroom, where a six-inch long fish was swimming in the bathtub. I was properly amazed, and asked him how he'd caught it: "Did you use a worm?" I said. His eyes grew wide as he replied with childlike incredulity, "Mom, we used fishin' poles!"

  14. what was the nasty stuck on the hook? and what color was it? that's what i wanna know.

  15. his son can't marry a girl that has never been fishing? what an interesting set of priorities :)

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  17. My test only had one question: Republican or Democrat? (Not really... but almost!!)

  18. Coming from a South Alabama girl where everybody fishes, I have learned that the secret to a good trip is taking a really good book:)

  19. LOL! Oh my, what a day you had. Bless your heart for whatever attitude that got you through.

    By the way... I totally love fishing. *grin*

    Thank you for sharing your fish test story with us! LOL! =)

  20. Love this engagement taste! Too cute! And...glad you passed!

  21. what a test! :) I had to help move a house! :) I'll have to post about that. lol

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