Sunday, March 7, 2010

More is More

Here are some memorable quotes heard at Beloved Retreat 2010:

"Big girls do not do ruffles unless they're in a bag with a foot long and a Diet Coke."

"People ask 'How do you get your lipstick to stay on for sixteen hours?' I tell them take out that tube and  Re..A..Ply!"

"Never leave home without first putting on the 3 B's. If you'll remember your Bronzer, your Brows and your Bra then you're good to go!"

"I love all-natural make-up. Everything that goes on or in this body is natural, except for that Ding Dong and HoHo I had last week."

"My daddy was so excited with the changes in my life, he said if he thought it would work for my brother he'd send him to prison too."

"I was so hungry I went to the drive-through at McDonald's and ordered a Burger King!"

"Less is NOT more. MORE is more!"

"The bigger the rear, the bigger the hair."

"Are you going to find me a room or are you just going to stand there and look cute?"  (She got a room while everyone else waited another hour.)

"I feel like I have resurrected Elvis wearing this jumpsuit!"

 I also heard:

"If you go more than one hour and you don't think or talk about Jesus, you're probably not abiding."

"When Satan gets your mind, he has you."

"What we're longing for...what we were made intimacy with God."

I could go on and on. I've got enough material for a month, but for now I'll close with this: the theme was all about 'influence'...those who have influenced us, as well as those we influence.

Can I hear from you? Who has been a big influence in your life or even harder, what kind of influence are you having on others?


  1. sounds like you had a great time.

    my hubby is the greatest influence in my life. cool, calm, and collected. like this one time on a plane - when the engine blew - and everyone was all stressed - and i was like "we're gonna die, etc etc", my hubby fell asleep.

    and i was like. "wake up!" and he was all, "there's nothing we can do." *snore*.

    that there is a man of God. and a man of God is a great influence. except. this might not be the best example because i was pretty much mad at him for sleeping.

    but still. he keeps me in check. so. yeah. my hubby.

    i probably drive him to the brink of insanity, though.

  2. What a fun blog!!!

    I'm so glad you stopped by the Suite, or I would never have known about it :)


  3. It's the influence I may be having on others that keeps me awake at night. I've really been trying to focus on 1 John 4:17-21. So much easier to teach about than to actually do sometimes:/

  4. You had me at "ruffles". Except, I prefer Sun Chips. Garden Salsa, to be exact. Because my bad breath afterwards is like a barrier to all people with noses.

    I've always been influenced easily. I hope when I die and get to heaven and meet people blah blah like that song Thank You yada yada that I find out I was also an influencer. You know, for good. Not like, a bad influencer.

  5. Too funny! Athough I do own a few ruffley things. To wear, not just to eat. LOL!

    Well I guess like anyone else I'm influenced by family. I can only hope they are influenced by me & learn from my lessons as I do theirs.

  6. thanksomuch for stopping by the crib and following. so many influences. i'd say right now they are my children. i am a better person b/c of them.

  7. You guys probably all laughed so much you pee'd your pants. Or is it just me that does that? I soooo want to hear your hubby's Bon Qui Qui impression. My girls and I quote her all the time.... "Girl I cut him.....don't interupt, rue!..."Welcome to King Burger where we do it your way but don't go crazy!"

  8. Oh wow, I have a great friend who was greatly influenced me! Sounds like you all had a blast! By the way I tagged you on my blog post come on by and see!

  9. You did get lots of good material there. I love your blog name. Hey, thanks for the comment at my Meet 'n Greet today. I am now following you.

    Have you joined in our Friday Follow yet? We've got another on coming up this Friday:

  10. Girl, you will write about the weekend for a month! Love the blog, I spurts visit me sometime @
    Influence, I have to say my mom has probably set the bar for me. She had a story similar to Stephanies but overcame and is an amazing strong woman.
    I loved your skits, thought they were GENIUS! You need to take it on the road, write a book, be on Good Morning America......

  11. I agree with the ruffles. I cried the day of 3rd grade pictures because my mom made me wear a shirt with ruffles around the collar, and I still make it a rule to stay away from them (even the chips I don't enjoy. Pringles or Sun Chips are my preferred poison.) fhubby (future hubby). He brings me down to earth when my imagination runs wild (in a bad way like, "my paycheck is going to be a little less this long will I be able to survive living in my car?"....he is the voice of reason); he also practices James' instruction to be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath--I used to think he either hadn't heard my question or just decided to ignore me...but he's that careful about giving an answer, an I appreciate that about him so very much... My daddy. He possesses a quiet strength that I wish I had more of. He's also one of the most logical men I know, something that eludes me on a daily basis. I love both of the men in my life!!

  12. What a great post full of AWESOME quotes!!
    I wanna write a post on people who have influenced me... what a GREAT topic!

    My mom has probably been one of my biggest influences...
    My BF now is a HUGE influence.. he is a true man of God and makes me a better ME! :)

  13. Sounds like a fun conference. I can think back over my life and see a beautiful sprinkling of people who have impacted my life. It is a sober thought indeed, knowing I too, am impacting lives every day -- whether for good or for bad.


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