Saturday, March 20, 2010

She's Such a Diva

She simply cannot stay out of the news! I believe our little city of 20,700 (July '08) is such a Diva.
Can you blame her? Her original purpose was to serve as the State Capitol, which she did for 65 years (1807-1868)! The Governor's Mansion and the Regal Capitol Building still proudly stand  today. 

She continued to make news when in 1837 the Georgia State Legislature established the "State Lunatic, Idiot, and Epileptic Asylum" to care for mentally insane, disturbed, physically disabled, etc. Although the name was changed several times and finally settled on Central State Hospital, she has had a very difficult time shaking that reputation. Honestly I'm not convinved she minded the negative publicity, as long as it was publicity!

After all The State Asylum  became known as the largest mental facility in the United States and served over 12,000 consumers during the sixties.  There is also more than 25,000 bodies buried throughout the 1,750 acres. Even though most of the campus buildings are now closed and the consumer count is almost nil, Georgia residents will continue to associate our quaint city with The State Asylum.

She gained noteriety by playing a part in such celebrities as the early film comic star, Oliver Hardy who lived here with his mom for a while during his formative years. The hotel where his mother worked is now  a bank that boasts its reputation with an historic marker out front.

She also is the birth place of nationally-known author, Flannery O'Connor (read about my encounter with her in my post "THE STALKER").

In 1990 she rose to stardom again as a new actress from Georgia played a character in a flick entitled "Pretty Woman". Newcomer, Julia Roberts' character, Vivian Ward was from this town.

And two weeks ago, she was in the news again, thanks to this man.

On March 5 Ben Roethlisberger, "two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback" was accused of sexually assaulting a twenty year old college student within the city's borders.

So it seems that she doesn't mind what type of publicity she gets, as long her name of Milledgeville stays in the news.

What's your hometown known for?
Union Recorder, March 19, 2010, article by Jessica Luton, pg. 1A,


  1. oh man. my hometown is known for me. word.

  2. My hometown is known for being the inspiration for the movie "Footloose." In about a month they are having the 30th anniversary of the first prom and there's a huge celebration going on all day. I'm thrilled!

  3. This was interesting, I love history. Thanks for sharing.

    Our city of Spokane is known for hosting the 1974 World Expo; President Nixon even came to that. We also hold an annual race called Bloomsday.

    Unfortunately we are known for serial killer Robert Yates Jr. He killed at least 15 women who were prostitutes. He's currently on death row, thank God!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Jim Morrison was born in my hometown. Jorga Fox (CSI) and Darrell Hammond (SNL) went to my high school, and Tim Wakefield (MLB) and Doug Flutie (NFL) went to school around here too. It's also one of the points of the Bermuda Triangle. And I'm from there, so...

  5. Our town is known for a State Mental Hospital too, but it did not have the jazzy name yours did!

  6. My hometown is the neighbor to Milledgeville. Unfortunately, it seems to be best known for the TV series "In the Heat of the Night", but people have the wrong state altogether. Otherwise, it was known for racial violence in the 70's. It also is a "pass through" town as 3 GA hwys intersect there. Yep, that is about all of which I am aware.

  7. Loved the way you presented this bit of history. I don't normally like history, but this was enjoyable. Thanks.

  8. My hometown (Port Neches, TX) is the site of the Screen Door Jesus that was on the cover of time and on all the national news. I remember the ginormous crowds standing in that yard. Also, George Jones, The Winter Bros., Clay Walker, Tracy Byrd and Mark Chesnutt are all from the next town over. Must be something musical in the water!

  9. Well if your hometown is a diva, mine is prostitue...

  10. Actually, we also had a serial killer strike in our town in the 70's and a prison sex scandal that made it on the Today Show in the 80's. The football guy is just the latest blight on the community. I, for one, wish he had stayed wherever it was he came from. Just watch, when the media finishes with it, the girl will end up being the bad guy and the pervert ball player will be the victim.

  11. Oh, you also didn't mention that The Allman Bros, Otis Redding, Little Richard, Sidney Lanier, Jack McBrayer(30 Rock), Carrie Preston(True Blood star and wife of Lost star Michael Emerson) and Capricorn Records are from Macon, 20 minutes down the road.

  12. Oh, clearly I need to up my knowledge about my own town here! What wonderful history!!

  13. Hey thanks for visiting my blogs, it's always fun to make new friends!! Our little town has been nicknamed The Palm Springs of Washington..Not sure how they came up with that one, but Kyle Mclaughlin originated from here.

  14. My hometown is known for crazy basket ball coaches who rant.

  15. I hate that your wonderful town is so notoriously in the news right now. It's such a lovely place! I'm from a small town in south GA (Ashburn) and I love reading GA bloggers' thoughts! Found you through Southern Mamas and I look forward to reading more!

  16. I hate Flannery O'Conner! It may have something to do with the fact that my Amer. Lit. teacher was her biggest fan!

    My town is home of the Big Peach & we hosted a major Pop (Pot) Festival in the 70s.

    I am pissed about that Ben R thing. I can't wait to see how that plays out.

  17. Leanne, Oliver Hardy hated Milledgeville because everybody called him "Fatty Hardy". He kinda left and didn't look back.

    Don't forget that the influence for Norman Bates (Psycho), Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs) and Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) was a guy that was a patient at Central State.

    I was born in Boulder, Colorado. Wasn't the family from The Shining from there? I was raised in Marlborough, Mass- Marlboro Cowboy? Concord, NC- Nascar. Went to school with Rusty Wallace's daughter.

    Ken, how do you get to Macon in 20 minutes? lol!


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