Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Stalker

She's been following me for several weeks. Its beyond creepy. Its...spooky!

She grew up just about ten miles from the spot where I am sitting. Our paths have crossed once or twice but always in expected places. We bumped into each other at the library once, then maybe at the coffee shop. But this is absolutely ridiculous!

I read an article in a magazine about Patricia Heaton (The Middle, Everbody Loves Raymond) and Patricia started talking about her like they were the best of friends. All I could think was, "That's odd." Odd? Who uses that word? But that's all I could think.

Less than a week later she was in my church. She has NEVER been to my church (that I recall). But alas, there she was and her words were remarkable. In the past her words seemed cold and rather...odd. But now her words were...enigmatic. Yes. That's exactly what they were.

I acted as if I had not seen her and didn't imagine we would run into one another any time soon.

Two days later. Yes, as in forty-eight hours, and 250 miles away, there she was again! I nearly tripped (actually, I think I did) when I heard her name mentioned in relation to "the concept of grace." Grace?

What does she know of grace? (I was way too quick to judge. I know that now.)

Now I was worried. What must she think of me? Making judgement when in reality I don't know more than her name and her place of origin. What if she had judged me the same way? I was ashamed. And determined to spend time with her. Get to know her better...tomorrow...or the next day.

Only, once again, she found me before I had the chance to find her!

Of all things, watching episodes of a show that has taken a spiritual turn. I was becoming engrossed in the story when SHE appeared. As if she was only there for me! I asked my husband, "Did you see her? Did you see her staring at me? Was it my imagination? Is she really on LOST now? (Have I truly lost all my senses?)

It was true. "Jacob" was indeed reading a book by Flannery O'Connor. Her name was in bold letters as if to say "I see you and I know you're judging me!"

I had never heard of the author until I moved to her hometown. I still have not read her works but I will...tomorrow...or the next day. She has not made another appearance since LOST but I keep looking over my shoulder, waiting.

At its best our age is an age of searchers and discoverers, and at its worst, an age that has domesticated despair and learned to live with it happily.
-Flannery O'Connor


  1. aaahhhhhhh..........a good quote.
    I LOVE a goooood quote :)
    DEEP stuff...

  2. She and my mom were classmates. According to my mother, she was actually a better artist than a writer. Be glad to lend you a book or two.

  3. Cute! You had me scared there for a second. :-P

  4. You had me fooled for a minute there. How funny. I love that author.

  5. To your question: post menopausal and we are tired of rules...! :-)

  6. I am LOVING this blog...Your a crack up...Hi, I'm Meme from Screaming Meme...It is so nice to meet you! Stop by Screaming Meme and look at the slipcover I made from painter's drop cloths...I look forward to getting to know you...Hope to see you soon! Meme

  7. You are so sneaky, I lkove it! Wow...great post!

  8. Great post! You had better go say Hi and introduce yourself next time!
    : ) Thanks for the sidebar love. XOXO

  9. at first. i thought you were talking about me. and then i was like. wha? i'm famous mentioned! but then. i was like. wait. no. it's not me. and then i was like, who is flannery o'connor?

    but now, i'm just like... wait. were you talking about me?


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