Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Sampling

A friend of mine is a chaplain at a local prison. The men often see her as a mother or grandmother figure and she has made a huge impact on their lives. One young man called after his release to tell her how amazed his dad was with the change in his life. "My daddy said if he knew it would work for my brother, he'd send him to prison too!"

I have a friend who is a singer, entertainer, and inspirational speaker. I went with her to a local prison where she was giving a presentation. She often engages the audience by mingling with them and asking questions in talk-show fashion. Knowing the men are not required to come to chapel services she asked an inmate "what brought you here?" "A police car, ma'am."

My preacher husband encounters many characters as he visits with people in the community. One such woman was so proud of the way she had tried to steer her son down the narrow way. "Son," she said, "if you're gonna sow your wild oats, you better pray for crop failure!"

Another friend is a speech therapist. She had one boy who kept telling her was hungry. She walked him to the vending machine and told him to pick out what he wanted. He scanned the colorful bags of chips and crackers and then looked up at her with big eyes and said, "Miss, ain't you got something with a bone in it?"


  1. Those are great! My favorite is "a police car..". :)

  2. I think I like the police car one best too!

  3. SOOOO Funny! Thanks for making me laugh! You have a wonderful sense of humor, a wonderful smile, and a FANTABULOUS NAME!!!! ; )

    I think we are going to be long time friends!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I look forward to reading more about you here!

  4. LOL those are great. Don't you love being surrounded by people who make you laugh AND think? Can't ask for better than that!


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