Friday, March 12, 2010

This Looks Familiar

This may look familiar to two of you. You know who you are. I have posted this TRUE story before but it was early in my blogging career (which started less than four weeks ago), and it bears repeating.


I looked around the class and thought, “They are so lucky to have me in their group. We will have a great presentation because I speak so well in front of an audience.”

I was a theatre major taking the required course, Speech 101. Our assignment was to research a controversial topic and be prepared to debate the argument. Apparently I was absent the day our group decided to argue the topic of 'euthanasia'.

I smiled and agreed to do my part of the research. I headed toward the library wondering, “What could possibly be wrong with the youth in Asia?” I didn’t dare ask anyone. I was afraid to admit I couldn’t remember the last time I picked up a newspaper except to see what movies were playing.

I pictured those poor, hungry teenagers in China having to steal food from market stands just to survive the Communist regime. Why wouldn’t the Chinese government take care of their young people? Don’t they know that these youth were the Future of their country? I was beginning to get a bit irate at the injustice of it all. I could not quite imagine why this was a controversial topic. Who in their right mind would defend such a selfish governmental stand? No problem. I was determined to arm myself with facts and research that would have every eye in that classroom weeping. I imagined giving such an emotional presentation that the next flight to China (I do hope China is in Asia) would be filled with students sold out to saving the Youth in Asia!

I spent at least a week (okay, two hours) looking up “youth”, “Asia”, “China” ( I do hope China is in Asia ), “Asian Youth”, “Young People”, “Communist Young People”…you get the idea.

I found out some very interesting facts about Asian young people but nothing I thought would be pertinent to a debate. I was anxious for the next organizational meeting to see what kind of information other group members had gathered.

“How do you spell ‘euthanasia’”, someone asked. Apparently I was not the only one having trouble with the assignment. I was quite dumb-founded to hear it started with an ‘e’, but at least I was now on the right track.

And for those of you who are still trying to figure out what I'm talking about this would be a good time to use a dictionary (that's with a 'ti' not 'sh').

I saw this sign in the restroom at Dairy Queen yesterday: 
Employees must "wash hands" 
Since they weren't taking the hand washing issue seriously, I decided to see if they "washed hands" at McDonald's.


  1. That story is worthy of its own stage, but your poor, poor teacher...

    How does "wash hands" differ from wash hands? That sign may have been written by the same women who put "" around certain non-sensical words in greeting cards. "For" my dear friend...

  2. I hope they wash their hands. Shouldn't need a sign to remind people of the obvious. LOL My son needs a sign that says if you sprinkle when you tinckle be a sweetie and wipe the seatie. I put in one bathroom and it worked. He didn't clean it up in another and he told me because there was no sign. That BOY!!

  3. I cringe when I see people walk out of the bathroom without washing their hands. Ugh...but I'm a little germaphobic...but please bathrooms need handwashings. :-)
    Thanks for putting out button up.

  4. Hahaha! So funny. I have had those conversations about "youth in Asia." Poor kids. Someone should do something about that...

  5. HILARIOUS! I am sure generations of speech students have done the euthanasia thing. LOL! We have all been there some way or another. And the punctuation always gets me. I love when someone says they have The "best" food in town. Yeah, right: "Try 'our food'" lol!

    Have a great weekend. Found you via SITS:-)


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