Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tuna Fish for Peanut Butter

     At our church fellowships and monthly dinners, folks have differing opinions over the preacher's wife dishes. I find it very intriguing that the majority can pick out my offering, whether its a dessert, salad, or main dish. I'm going to assume its a compliment.
     Here's the thing: It is well known that I may start with a recipe, but then I adapt. I am not afraid to make substitutions ( I once told a lady that tuna fish was a great substitute for peanut butter! She believed me for a moment) and I don't believe in planning ahead. If I'm planning to make chili but forgot to pick up tomato sauce, ketchup may take its place. If I'm out of ketchup, I have been known to add red food coloring to mayonnaise.
     Either you have just left this page and are still dwelling on red mayo for ketchup, OR you're intrigued and are hanging with me. I hope its the latter and here are some of my very recent favorites.
     Soon after we were married I wanted to make a special meal for my handsome hubby. He confessed that he had chicken cordon bleu at a wedding dinner and he would like that sometime. I searched all my cook books, but apparently this was not a dish that Southerners prepare often (especially since "blue" is spelled wrong!). I finally found the recipe in a newspaper and followed it precisely (mostly). I pounded the chicken until it was transparent, I grated bread crumbs and added all the appropriate seasonings. I got the ham and cheese from the deli and carefully rolled everything together and served it with a hollandaise sauce. The dinner was delightful. The entire process took me about an hour to prepare and when it was just the two of us that was fine.
     I have two rules when preparing food: 1. It takes no longer that thirty minutes to prepare and 2. no more than six ingredients (not including salt and pepper)
     You may think I'm cheating my family but if it takes longer than thirty minutes or has more than 6 ingredients, I figure we might as well go out! Surprisingly we don't eat out often.
     Okay, okay, here's my easy CCB and then because I started thinking "I think I can make this even easier" I came up with CCB casserole. Made it last night and I loved it. Hubby likes the whole breasts (duh!) better but I'm planning to do the casserole for the next church meal.
      By the way, my son and his friends BEG for this dish! When teenagers beg for something you know you've scored!

four deboned chicken breasts, rinsed
four slices sandwich ham
four slices swiss cheese
1 egg
1 cup of Italian bread crumbs
1 stick of butter or margarine
Melt the butter in a 9"x11" pan on 350. Slice the chicken breasts lengthwise but do not to go all the way through. Lay a slice of ham and cheese inside the chicken breast to make it like a sandwich. Beat the egg in a bowl. Hold the sandwich together tightly and dip both sides of the chicken breast-ham-and- cheese sandwich in the egg then dredge through the crumbs. Lay the breast in the melted butter then turn it over so both sides are buttered. Repeat with all the chicken. Bake for about fifteen minutes, turn chicken over and bake 15 more minutes. Pierce thick part of chicken with fork to make sure juices run clear. We did away with the hollandaise but you can make your own with a mix or substitute (YAY!) Ranch dressing.
CCB Casserole
Same ingredients as above except no egg and add Cream of chicken soup (every good casserole has cream of something soup)
Boil the chicken breasts in water until done (About 20 minutes) Cut chicken into cubes and put in large bowl. Slice the ham into small pieces and add to the chicken. Add soup and 1/2 can of water. Stir well. Pour mixture into greased casserole dish (the same 9"x11" as before works well). Tear the cheese into pieces and sprinkle over the mixture. Mix the crumbs with the butter and sprinkle over the cheese. Bake for 20 minutes at 350. Yummy!!


  1. Your CCB casserole sounds yummy, and easy -- two of my favorite things! Love the six-ingredient rule. I don't have a hard & fast rule like that, but I think I do in my subconscious. I seem to steer away from recipes with really long lists of ingredients, even if most of them are something simple like spices. :)

  2. you had me at red mayo.

    also. do you get my emails? because sometimes it kicks it back to me.

    like. i tried to email you about my garage sale shopping. see. the thing is. they call out to me. who am i to deny them? exactly.

  3. So glad to have your CCB recipe. My 'wildman' son just shows up at your house when he smells it cooking. He loves everything you cook. So do we from what we have tried so far. Thanks for feeding my child. I look forward to cooking the CCB. MARIA

  4. Thank you for stopping by Leanne! That recipe sounds delish! Hope to see you more often, Im following and I'll be reading :) Have a great day!

  5. I love your CCB recipe!! I am still cracking up about the red mayo, that is so funny. I try to keep the recipes simple, too.

    Enjoying your blog :)


  6. Oh I WISH I were good at fudging things as I went along! I rarely cook (because I don't really know how), but when I do, I have to make sure I have everything I need or else I'll be completely lost.

  7. You can live vicariously, and have a bloggy grandson :)

  8. That made my mouth water. Guess I may have to put the mac and cheese aside for one night and cook.


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