Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm going on a retreat this weekend to Atlanta. I have no laptop or Fancy Phone so I will be away from the computer for two days. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

The Retreat is the annual Beloved retreat, sponsored by the women's trio Beloved. These girls are over the top Crazy! If you're not familiar with them, check out their website at   and/or look at some of their clips on YouTube. Here is their "Myrtle" version of  "All the Single Ladies."

I was invited by the ladies to perform a skit and monologue that I wrote for this event. The monologue is called the "Evolution of Play". It touches my heart and I'm praying a lot of the women will relate to it as well. In a nutshell, we need to learn the meaning of playing because we may do more of it in heaven than we think.

I did want to give you a snippet to tide you over while I'm gone. This is another one about my darling husband and let me clear something up on that: He has a sanguine temperament. VERY sanguine. Which means it doesn't matter if I praise him or pick on him, as long as he is the subject matter of what I write, then he is very happy! That's a sanguine. With that out of the way I give you:  THE SERMON.

My husband was giving a sermon on what one says, specifically choosing your words carefully. He divided his message into two parts. It was difficult to recover, however when he began the second portion with the words "now we'll talk about what you can do with your tongue."


  1. oh man. i'm gonna miss you. but it's ok. i understand that sometimes, early on in relationship, that people need space.

    meet you back here monday, ok?

    have fun! and that video is hilarious.

  2. i used the word "hilarious" a lot when commenting on your blog.

  3. You can't go away when I've just discovered your blog! Have fun :)

    I would like to have been in the congregation for that sermon. My dad (also a pastor) once made several references to the dangers of black mamas. He meant black mambas.

  4. What...wait a minute! You can't leave. I need laughter!!!! :)
    What a funny video and your husbands part II is so hilarious.
    Have a great trip and be safe.

  5. Winn sent me. And I am so glad she did.

    Also, I almost wet my pants watching that video. And then I did what my six year old does when watching a show, I pointed to one of the girls and said "I'm her".

    I have a feeling we're going to be fast friends.

  6. Nice to meet you!
    Oh, goodness this sounds like such fun :)'
    And you are going to be such an important part...good for you! :)
    I loved going to a retreat several years ago...
    laughter and faith are a divine duo!

  7. You are so funny and I will miss you while you are gone...but I know you need it and definitely deserve it! Have fun and be safe...I love that you are combining faith and laughter...great combo...

  8. That was HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for sharing!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  9. Well, what were his thoughts on acceptable practices with the tongue? Inquiring dirty minds want to know! Hope you had a good weekend.

  10. Those ladies were getting D-O-W-N! Awesomeness!

  11. still laughing... priceless comment! ;) he will never live that one down I suppose! Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments this weekend! (I need to get moving on todays post!) ;)
    Just Jenn~ your newest follower


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