Thursday, March 25, 2010

Waiters, Makers, and Wet Hens

"There are those who wait for things to happen, and those who make things happen." 

I'm not sure who said it originally, but I just heard it recently.  Unfortunately I fall in that first category. Things happen in my life but usually not until after lunch. Occasionally things will happen after my third cup of coffee, but that's on a really good day.

Then there are people like Amanda. She drifted into my life like a breath of fresh, more like a rushing wind or hurricane. And I'm so thankful she did. This single mom has a personality that is bigger than.....well, something that's really big!

We got to know one another as we went to a women's conference together. She drove. I'm still not sure she understands the concept of "share the road." Her horns works. A couple of times I had no idea what she was honking at. I didn't see anyone on the road. Oh wait, there's a car a half a mile in front of us, "Move it!"

Once we arrived at the hotel, the lobby was filled with impatient ladies waiting to check in. Check in time was at 2:00, and an hour later people were still being told the rooms weren't ready. The lobby could have just as well been filled with wet hens, mad as these women were. So there they stood with their monogrammed luggage, looking forward to a weekend of no husbands and kids, and getting madder than hornets. And then there's Amanda.

She looked around and saw that no one was really making any progress. The employees seemed to be just waiting for notice from housekeeping, but not bothering to go and help them. So she made her way to the counter (its a good thing she didn't have her car horn) and looked up at the hospitality expert with her doe eyes and in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear and with a nice, thick Southern drawl says, "Excuse me, are you going to find me a room or are you just gonna keep standing there looking all cute?" I think she winked too.

Amanda didn't notice that the room got quiet and then everyone relaxed and laughed. The handsome, young gentleman blushed profusely, but he was grinning from ear to ear and yep, he found her a room. What's really amusing and that everyone who tried that technique afterwards, failed. You gotta be the first.

I've tried to learn from people like Amanda and Kim (see Kim's Pantyhose Story). Not only do they get things done, they make people feel so good, especially about themselves. I understand this ability is mostly a gift; a personality trait; and a survival method. Both of these incredible women have been through some extremely hard trials, and have come out on top. But I believe some of  it can also be learned or at least imitated to a point.

I heard a friend of mine say yesterday she was "heading out to make good things happen." Sounds like a marketing ploy, and it is, but if its my life I'm trying to market, then I can think of no better purpose or product than I can sell. 

So excuse me now while I go "make some things happen!"


  1. Thank you for visiting with me (goodness, doesn't that sound positively Victorian?!) I thought I would return the courtesy and I'm glad I did - this was a lovely piece. :)

  2. Amanda sounds like a wonderful person, although I am not real sure about the honking at nothing thing, maybe she just likes the sound of them? Does she have cool air horns like the diesels?

  3. inspiring post as i try to make my vision for a new blog happen!

  4. Yesterday I said "I'm going to make like a baby and head out".

    Does that count for inspiring? No? Dang.

    *starts back at square one*

  5. I found you from SITS. It just goes to show you that if you want to "make things happen", humor always helps! Cute post

  6. I'm just sitting here, content to wait for the rest of my life but now I have to move. If I read that post just one more time maybe it will get me motivated. Maybe.

  7. She sounds wonderful! I love how she got her room with directness and charm.

  8. As a person who tends to sit back and wait for things to happen, this was the kick in the pants I needed today! Thanks!

  9. Ok Missy! So here I am showing up at your double wide today to say hello! Thanks for taking a moment to check on me yesterday and again I apologize for the earful you got. :)
    Love reading about your "get r' done" friend!
    What an awesome way to be. Have a great day!

  10. So glad I found your blog!
    Can't wait to add you to my daily reading list!
    Have a wonderful weekend and stop my blog to say 'howdy' anytime!

  11. i make things happen. but usually dairy helps me along...

  12. I love it! I'm the kind of person that like to make things happen...I don't like to wait for life to happen to me. (my husband does and it drives me crazy!)

  13. Amanda is my hero. :-) But dang, now I feel like I need to be all proactive and stuff! ;-)

  14. Always love those that make things happen. I would have just waited and fumed.

  15. I think the true talent is finding friends like that. Congrats! And you survived the driving. Congrats again!


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