Friday, March 26, 2010

What a Busy But Fabulous Friday!

WOW! Today is a very busy, blog day!
First I want to welcome all the Friday Followers!
Please keep reading, even if you're not doing the blog hop.
There's a treat at the end.
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She's also asked me to mention the sponsor this week which I am very happy to do.

Finally, I have two confessions: 1. I haven't exercised in a while. (Waaah!) AND 2. I always (and I do mean ALWAYS) wanted to be a cheerleader. I would have been a great one, but due to low self-esteem issues I simply would not even give myself the chance (Waaah! again.) Now that I've learned to like me and get over those issues I am the best cheerleader in the world! I grab my pom-poms and cheer for my kids.

"You can do it! You can finish that homework! GO! GO!"
"Every team needs a bench warmer! S-S-S-I-T!"

And then, of course I cheer for my man. "You're the BEST!" "Pay, Pay, Pay those bills!" "Go, BABY, GO!"

You get the idea. So to help me get motivated to do both, and maybe help you get moving as well I'm posting a GREAT oldie! So grab your pompoms (you too fellas!) and let's get shakin'.


And this is linked up to Tristan at Transient Pod

get your freak on friday

Have a Fantabulous Day!


  1. How about this one for me:
    Get up off that chair!
    Your house is such a mess!
    Your daughter's bringing friends home,
    And it's too late to change your address.

  2. Happy Follow Friday! I'm your newest follower and would love if you came to visit my blog and follow me!
    Have a great day!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that song!!!!!!
    thanks for starting my Friday off right!
    now I'm off to do my Friday Follow post too!!

    Tami G

  4. I was a cheerleader in the 8th grade. That was like, 22 years ago.

    And guess what?

    I still remember some cheers AND the dance we did to My Perogative by Bobby Brown. Oooohhhh yeaaaaaahhhh.

  5. Following you from Friday Follow!

  6. This Friday Follow things seems pretty cool. You know, not a lot of people know this, but I had a scholarship to be a cheerleader in college. Yep, they actually paid me to pick up girls and hold them over my head.

  7. Hi! I'm your newest follower from FF. Love the blog, and the video Hope you can stop by mine sometime!


  8. The title of your blog is just way too fun!

    Visiting from Friday Follow! I'm now following! Love for you to come visit and follow me :)

    Have a great weekend!
    ~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

  9. I have that song on my ipod!

    LOVE IT.

  10. i can help with those hips ;)
    i love the blog!
    i'm your newest follower! via friday follow
    follow back!
    loves! ashley

  11. Visiting from "Get your Freak On Friday"....and I have such great memories of that song! Thanks for the walk down memory lane...

  12. New follow from Friday follow. Hope to see you drop in over @ A Penny Saved. Have a great weekend.

    Jen @ A Penny Saved

  13. I'm a new follower from Friday Follow.I hope you come by for a visit and to follow. This is the last 2 days of my apron giveaway..come enter. Have a beautiful weekend. Now,I'm gonna go look some more of your site..I'm enjoying it.

  14. I'm here. I'm here. Whew! Did I miss it?

    Hi there. Lyn here from Once Upon A.

    Happy Friday!


  15. Visiting and following from Friday Follow. I'll be stopping by often so I don't miss anything!

  16. Hi, I'm your newest Friday follower!

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  17. I danced this this song in high school - lol.
    I am your new stalker from Happy FF! come visit me at for my first giveaway ever!
    Love to you

  18. Stopping by from the Friday Follow. I was never a cheerleader either, but I do ;-)

    Feel free to stop by when you have the chance.

  19. Stopping by to say Hi and Happy Follow Friday! Now following you!
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  20. Following you on Friday Follower...I am a new follower. by and see me!

  21. Toni Toni! Wasn't that like, from the 80's? I remember that!

  22. Stopping in from the blog hop! Love the song, was one of my fav's way back when shhhh.

  23. My husband and I danced to this at our wedding. In fact the DJ played the spanish version first so we did it twice?

    Did I mention what my husband's name is?

    I am betting you can figure it out, but he IS so fine! :)

  24. Hi, following from Friday Follow!!

  25. Good Afternoon! Happy Friday Follow on Saturday-Hoppin' when I can! I am your newest Follower!
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    The Groschen Goblins

  26. LOL "Pay those bills!" Yeah, you're an awesome cheerleader. :)

    I'm following you from Friday Follow!

    Maggie at tethered mommy dot com

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  28. Hi Leanne, Thanks for the laugh this morning! I'm enjoying my morning coffee and catching up on some great blogs - I'm a Friday, er, Sunday follower. Nice to meet you.

    Stop by and I hope you'll follow me back-


  29. I'm following you from Friday Follow (on a Sunday ha!). Your blog is the funniest one I've read this week! I love that you're a-typical :). I am too. I'll be reading...

  30. I am following you from Friday Follow (I'm not late...just early for next week) : ) Please visit me when you get a chance and follow back

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