Friday, April 2, 2010

Its Good Friday!

Good Friday to you, and it is actually Good Friday! I'm glad you're following me on the appropriately named Bunny Blog Hop today!. I've included my fish story from yesterday to give you a little rest on your hopping. Thnk of my Double Wide as a friendly place to sit a minute in one of the recliners we have on the front porch. Happy Hopping!

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Christmas, 2009. I may have mentioned something about wanting to eat at Capt. D's. I like Captain D's. I especially like the crunchy things that clog your arteries (so they say...).  We didn't make it to Captain D's, however, on Christmas morning I opened.....

Gift #1:  Pink baseball cap with the words 'Bass Pro Shop' written in rhinestones. I don't generally wear a cap but it is blingy!

Gift #2:  a Pkg. of hot pink and black rubber worms. My response, "Gummy Worms!" (nope, can't eat them)

Gift #3:  This thing. (I didn't try to eat this but I started noticing a theme)

Gift #4:  Eager faces stare at me as they bring in a very long, thin gift wrapped clumsily in tissue paper.
     "What can this be?!" (I play along) 
     "A FISHING POLE? For me? Yay!"

     " Its hot pink and black! Just like the other things! See! See? It all matches!"
     "I see that," I nurture his little fragile heart. "Thank you so much."

He claps his hands and jumps with glee, so proud of his choice and that he made his wife so happy.

     Several cold spells hit (darn it...) and we couldn't get to any of the local ponds (double darn).  But as it is bound to happen, warmth descended upon Middle Georgia and it was time to don my blingy cap, pop my bobber on the end of my pole and let him have all the fake gummy worms he wanted.
    "Would you like me to bait your hook for you?"
    "Nope. I'm good." I cast my line like I know what I'm doing.  I reel it in. I cast again. I reel it in. Etc,
     "Wow! That was really a lot of fun. Very relaxing." I explain. "We should do this again soon. Helped me relieve a lot of tension."
     "But you didn't catch anything."

     "Exactly. A perfect fishing day!"

     And I'm so glad I didn't say I was in the mood for steak.


  1. Okay, I'm laughing. Really, really laughing. I think you should mention steak near your birthday. Come on, you know it would be worth a blog post :)

  2. I think you should embrace the joy of might as well give in.
    What better excuse to sit around and drink beer?

  3. That cow is pretty cute! I think you should go to the nearest seafood joint and catch a meal!

  4. Hahaha, that totally cracks me up! Pink fishing gear! Maybe the fish were on to you when they saw the pink dangling thing with fake worms attached.

    I can hear them now, "Hey Fred, who do they think we are anyway insulting us with pink hooks. I'm not biting on that thing, I'd be the laughing stock of the school!"

    Got to hand it to your huband for trying though.

  5. Bahahahahah!!! That would be something my husband would do too!

  6. you popped your bobber? man. i hope that didn't hurt.

  7. Fishin' is not my thing. My brothers are avid fisher, hunter...outdoors men and it completely turned me the other way for some reason.

  8. aw, that's fun! i totally admire you for being able to bait your own hook (if you were using real worms, not gummy ones, of course). i can barely even touch the worms without freaking out!

  9. LOL!! Repeat after me: "Honey, did you know I looooove diamonds?????" ;-)

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  11. LOL!!! What a guy! that was great! Happy Friday to you!!!

  12. Lol!

    Happy Friday Follow--I'm your newest follower :)

  13. So funny! Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend! :)

  14. What a cute name for a blog!! I love it! New follower from FF. Come by and say hi!

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  16. Oh my gosh, those presents were silly! I'm a new follower from FF!

  17. hello fellow Friday follower. My husband would be thrilled if I got pink fishing supplies. I am hosting my first give away on my blog

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  19. Your blog name really caught me as this is someone who must be didn't let me down!
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  24. Darling popped in to wish you and your family a joyous and blessed Easter.

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  25. I have never seen pink fishing gear - Hilarious!!


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