Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cletus Take the Reel

I have one more fishin' story. Seriously, just one. Well...sorta two.
My nine year old, who is not a huge fan of fishing, but will go just to appease his daddy, recently went on a fishing expedition with some men and boys from the church.  He had just baited his hook (that's his favorite part!) and cast his line in.  One of the men nearby lit up a cigarette. (Why can't the women be so free?)
My not-so-subtle child started hacking like he was choking on a worm stuck on the end of a hook.
"I think I've just inhaled second-hand smoke!" he gasped...literally.   He survived...and fell in the water...

And here's my very last fishing story for today.  Its an old favorite that I had to share.


  1. Heavens to Larry the Cable Guy

  2. This is hilarious :) Thanks for sharing!

    By the way, for someone who doesn't like fishing it's featured kind of prominently in your blog ;)

    Still lovin it though!

  3. That's funny. I hack also when I am near smoke. It mortifies my children. I think the fish should have joined your son in protest.

  4. I know you just love fishing, you are just trying to keep me off track.

  5. I stopped by from SITS because I LOVED your blog name. Now, after reading about your son's second-hand smoke incident, I love your blog, too. Keep up the funny shtuffs =D

  6. Hilarious! 10 pound bass! Ha! Typical fishin' story, right?

    When I was about 8 or 9 I was on a morning fishing trip across the lake with my Dad. He asked me to pour him a cup of coffee from the Thermos. As I was pouring the wake from a passing boat hit and before I knew it there was boiling hot coffee on my left knee. The agony!!! I had a huge 3rd degree burn. I won't go into the icky details, but needless to say, it was a memorable fishing trip :)


  7. I'm with your son, I can't stand being around smoke. When we were traveling in Europe I was amazed at the places where people smoke.
    The airport, mall, resturants, literally everywhere! It was just crazy, you couldn't get away from it.

    Great fish story!

  8. i love that song. sometimes, i sing it in the shower. but that's just between you and me.

  9. But did the man ever put out his cigarette??

  10. I love Tim Hawkins! "I Can Only Eat Margarine"...makes me laugh until I cry every time. I had forgotten about this one...thanks for the reminder. There is no smoking in any public building where I now live but last visit home we went out to eat and I couldn't shut up about people smoking in the restaurant. The waiter tried to say they were in the smoking section. Smoking section? Where there is an imaginary line/wall dividing the two? Thanks Rain Man.

  11. ahaha, your kid is awesome!

    and that video cracked me up- "i pulled a muscle in my upper thigh and i was so scared..."

  12. Thanks for the laughs! This is my first visit to your blog and sure won't be the last - :) I'm also a preacher's wife, but in rural KS with young children and a brand new church. I really needed to "meet" you tonight for a smile, laughs and tears. Thank you!


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