Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A happy heart makes the face cheerful.

Prov. 15:13
(In other words, if you've got something to smile about, inform your
face so the rest of us can enjoy it!--paraphrase DWM)
Please note I AM participating in Leigh's Project Happiness today!
Keep reading until you find the lovely lady with the camera towards the end of today's post.
Thanks for caring.
Thank you Prairie Maid for the awesome award! I do like to be happy!

  Prairie Maid has one of those beautiful, peaceful blogs that urges you to sit on the porch with a glass of cold lemonade and soak in the breeze and sunshine. You should pay her a visit. You'll be glad you did...unless you don't like lemonade and sunshine.

According to the rules of this blog I will now share with you ten things that make me happy.

1. The smile on a child's face.
2. Chocolate icing surrounding the smile on a child's face.
3. Chocolate icing surrounding the smile on my husband's face.
4. Licking the chocolate icing surrounding the smile on my husband's face.
5. Hoping you're at least smiling, if not chuckling at that last comment.
6. My blog title. I get more comments about that than anything and it was a "gift from God".
7. Smelling the sweet honeysuckle, jasmine, tea rose and gardenias during the spring.
8. Knowing that I'm not allergic to number 7.
9. Knowing I don't have to prune and nurture #7. Either my husband does it or they just run wild!
10. This picture of the dogwood in the front yard.

                                                                 Are you 'happy' yet?

Here's five happy folks that I'd like to turn this award over to as well. I think because of #6 , I'll reserve this award to those whose blog names also make me smile, or make me happy!

1.  A Dusty Frame    One of the first blogs I ever started following. The name alone makes me smile.
2.  A Southern Belle Trying Not to Rust (I hear you smiling!)
3 Under Grace and Over Coffee
4.  Writing Without Periods (I actually asked these ladies did they dislike punctuation or were they post-        menopausal? Turns out...its both!)
5.   Finally, my favorite west-area, convertible traveler: The Shadow of my Life

As reciepient of these awards I would ask you also list ten things that make you happy, this pass it on to five other well-deserving bloggers, if you want to. If you don't want to pass it on, that's really okay too. 
There you have it. And notice I'm including in this scrump-dilly-ishus day of happiness, a blog hop back to Leigh vs. Laundry. So hop over there, hop to the above happy places. (You can participate in the Happiness Project there as well)




  1. Happy Tuesday! Chocolate makes me smile no matter where it is. And so do flowers. And so does the name of your blog. And so do pretty much all of your posts, so I guess I'll go check out the things that make you smile:D

  2. Love the dogwood pic. happy Tuesday.

  3. *sigh* Chocolate and flowers... does it really get any better?

  4. Love your list! And I love your #3 choice, Andrea's blog is one of my favorites.



  5. I love that you listed blogs that make you happy to read. I'm going to have to "borrow" that idea next time!

  6. dogwoods are so beautiful! Great post...it truly made me smile!

  7. Leanne - you and me both! I try to stay away from any type of strip/wax/miracle hair remover/etc when it comes to the bikini line! Run away run away!!!

    P.S. Like the new background!

  8. Thanks, DB. The new background makes me happy too!

  9. Smiling. Love chocolate icing too! :)

  10. congrats on the award! how could anyone not smile when they're in the presence of chocolate icing?!

  11. Congrats on the award, I love jasmine and Gardenia....both are completely intoxicating!

  12. Hey Southern mama. Your blog is taking off like wildfire! I love it. Hope you remember us little folks when you are all high and mighty on your blog throne :)

  13. Congrats on the award. You mention some new blogs for me, I´ll have to take a look.

  14. Great list!!!

    Yes, you had me chuckling. =)

    Happy Tuesday!

  15. Ooops! I meant to sign in as my name/blog! I left the comment above. =)

  16. My happy place is always the back porch. And I have always, always loved your blog's name!!!

  17. Thank you so much for the plug...and now I must bend to the pressure of the rules...
    I shall!

  18. Thanks for the kind words, my friend! And I thought I was the only one who licked chocolate!

    Now I have five more blogs to checkout! They sound wonderful...and the titles definitely make me smile!

    The dogwood is beautiful.


  19. Dogwoods are my favorite spring tree!

  20. #1 on your list ...gets me everytime! So glad I found this blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE the title! Glad to be your new follower!


"Thank you, and do come back now, ya heah?"
(No she didn't...yes she did.)