Thursday, April 22, 2010

If You Are Reading This You May Be Off Line

This is my mad face

I'm mad cause EVERY time...and I do mean every time I go to do my blogging
this ugly blue box pops up and says
"You are not logged in because you are working offline."

NO! I am NOT working offline.  Well, actually I am now (not NOW) because somehow you just fell offline, but two seconds ago when I was on Facebook, or checking my email or just mulling around I was ONLINE, and then you send me this ugly box telling me I have to log on again and again and again.

So I post and connect. I switch blogs and connect. I try to comment and connect. I post comment and connect. I connect and connect. AAARRRGHH!

I picture in my head this little guy (not literally a guy, I mean it could be a girl, and I don't mean literally, I'm not that crazy...) who is inside my computer napping, eating rhubarb, whatever, until I log into BLOGGER.

"Get up, get up! She's here! Let 'er rip! One! Two! Three! JUMP!   HAHAHA! Yep. Got her again she's off line. Don't pick it up, nope. Don't pick it up yet. Okay, now! Do it again! One! Two! Three! JUMP! HAHAHA! OFFLINE Again!  oh, look! She's trying to connect again. Fine. I got to rest.  Let her have the next couple of minutes then we'll knock it down again!"

His brother lives and works in the ATM machine and dispenses my cash. I thank him everytime. He's got a hard job to do.

Anyone else experience the same problems, or insanity?

By the way here is the original parking ticket. My friend was upset I misquoted her and you do not want to make her see the original post click here.


  1. hahahaha!

    that's the best note ever. again. i think she and i should be friends.

    also. your mad face makes you look like you have braces.

  2. Still laughing at your friend's bravado!

    PS: Same thing happens to me sometimes too - and when I am trying to go around and comment the LAST thing I want to is log in over and over again! GRRRRRR.

  3. hahahaha sorry about the internet connection, mine at home does that all the time and it's SUCH a pain in the rear! do you have wireless internet? I do and I think that's the problem, but who knows?????

  4. I love the note!
    For you internet error, perhaps you could try clearing your browser cache?

  5. Oh the Internet! Love it! Hate it. I just want my computer to work and connect to the Internet. Is that too much to ask? Is it? Is it?

    Now look what you've done. I'm all upset now. Must go eat cookies. (the real kind, not the computer kind!)

  6. That has got to be frustrating! I hope your internet issues resolve themselves soon. I left you an award on my blog. I hope you will stop by and pick it up! Blessings!

  7. Oh my gosh, I hate when the internet plays dirty little 'log on tricks' with us!!! That has happened to me sooooooo many times. The more it won't let me log on the more I become obsessed with logging on because I refuse to let it win!! Haha Do you think they have cousins in the Northwest??

  8. The internet was made by shadowy beings in the darkest pits of ... that really bad place. You know the one. The one whose being snowed under will foretell me actually being published.

    I hope your internet problems soon evaporate. When they do, and they will, come check out my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS. Roland

  9. Still LOVE the note. I think you and your friend should market them. Don't get mad, get even and buy a MAC!!!

  10. Internet connections can make a person a bit crazy at times.. I know how you feel.

  11. I've had blogger days like you describe...and yes...they make me scream..and say things that thankfully no one but the cat and the houseplants can hear at the time...

    The note...the best ever!

  12. What guts your friend has. I love it. I would totally like to do something like that someday.

    Don't get too mad at the's only human, isn't it???

  13. Have you seen this site? Try it next time you're having trouble connecting. It'll tell you whether the site is down for everyone or just you:

  14. For a long while now, I've been certain that person in charge of the ATM at my bank waits for me to pull into the ATM lane. That's precisely when he turns off the machine. I am also certain that he turns it right back on as soon as I leave the parking lot.

  15. I just sent you an email with a video you HAVE to watch about the "First Tech Support". It is SO FUNNY!

  16. Absolutely still laughing about the note! SOOOO glad to see the original. That is priceless . . . but I don't think I'll try it out. So funny!

  17. That is crazy! I could NEVER do that. I love it!

  18. What a funny thing to do. She had the guts to talk to him about it even!


"Thank you, and do come back now, ya heah?"
(No she didn't...yes she did.)