Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Night of Expectations

Tonight's the BIG night. The night almost every teenager looks forward to. The night of expectations and magic.  Tonight is PROM.

This will be my son's first, and since I have agreed to never mention him in my blogs I will talk about his friend. My son's friend is attending a small school. There are eight seniors in the class. My son's friend is a junior and they have nine in their class. All boys. And they have to host the prom.

Their first theme suggestion was John Deere. I thought that would be awesome but some of the other parents weren't so keen on the idea. (They mostly live in single wides.) They finally settled on an all-white Grecian theme. When I asked my son...his friend...why, he said it was the only one with a fountain. (We've got about eight hours to get that sucker working!)

The parents and the boys finished decorating and the food is on the way. The boys look handsome in their tuxes...really handsome! And they've even secured a limo for the evening. I'm so proud of these guys.

They opted not to have a party afterwards.  None of the parents want the responsibility of hosting it. The consequences are just way too high, should ANYTHING happen. Not only that, the guys said they didn't want to stay out all night cause they wanted to get up in time for Easter services tomorrow. Like I said, these guys are amazing!

So..."prom"...some look back with regret, some with longing, some try to relive the moment. How was your prom? Was it a great experience, terrible, or something in between?


  1. Awww those are an amazing butch of guys! I never went to prom...and honestly, I don't think I missed much, because the guys I went to school with were not all that amazing

  2. What a nice bunch of guys. I blogged about my prom--it took four entries, but was cheaper than therapy!

    Hope your son, I mean, his friends have a great time!

  3. Your a good mom sticking to your end of the bargin and not blogging about your son. It's hard as moms when we want to talk about our kids.

    I hope he and his friends have a great time, but I'm sure they will because you are right, they do sound amazing!

    You've obviously have done a very good job!

    I went to all of my highschool proms/homecomings/tolos and had a blast! Great memories. The funny thing is how the girls dresses have changed.
    We wore long dresses with long sleeves. The dresses I see the girls wear today are very different, very,very different.....

  4. I have always heard that the ones in single-wides just went to the prom in camo....
    4 years from now, The Daughter will be going to her prom...I don't know if I can wait or not.

  5. They do sound like amazing guys!! I had a BLAST with my boyfriend and friends on prom night. We all stayed out afterwards, going to someone's house, then out to Denny's in our prom attire, then another friend's house to change and watch a movie, then to watch the sun come up on the beach! It was so fun! (P.S. Neither of my girls will be allowed to do that probably.)

  6. What a great group! They remind me of my son and his buds - my son's bachelor party consisted of several of his buds coming to our house with their drum sets, playing them in the basement (Fred and I went OUT!) playing video games and guitars, singing karaoke, drinking Coke and Mountain Dew, and ordering pizza!

    And I never went to any proms...never wanted to, never was asked, as I was probably the most invisible person EVER in high school! And no regrets!

  7. My man/boy is going to his first prom next week!! I think I am more excited than he. I love prom. I think it's a great tradition. A joyous Easter to you and your family.

  8. oh wow- i can't imagine going to prom with only 8 other people! my graduating class was 750! my prom was a bit of a disppointment, but i think it always is. high school kids always expect it to be the greatest night of their lives!

  9. Wow! I loved my proms :) Since my DH and I were high school sweethearts we both went to 3 since we're a year apart. I went to his junior and senior and he went to mine!

    I'll have to scan in some pics - great idea for a post!

  10. Quote from my prom: "Why are you dancing like a whore?" 5 years later, he married me! :)


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