Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh, Canada! Your Lives Are About to Be Changed Forever!

I had the awesome honor of attending a commissioning ceremony for my only daughter to be a missionary this summer.  She is being sponsored by the Baptist Collegiate Ministries to go to Toronto, Canada and tell Canadians about Jesus.

I'm sure there are lots of Christians in Canada, who incidently love Jesus, but apparently there's a "need".  But we wondered., what will she do there? Diagnose medical conditions and hand out medicines? No.
Build houses or churches for the needy? Not hardly.
Teach English to non-English speakers? Not in Toronto, I don't think. Quebec, maybe (except she doesn't know French.)

So we ask, "what will she be DOING there?"
"Talking", is the reply.

Gee, that's perfect. She does like to talk.
Her assignment is to strike up conversations with total strangers, build friendships with them and as the opportunity arises, talk to them about God and their relationship with Jesus.

That's great! She's been doing that since she was three years old! We used to travel to a lot of churches and she would cry everytime we got ready to leave because she had made a "new best friend."

"Honey," I would console. "You'll make a new one tomorrow." And she always did.

Now that she's at college and making the Dean's list every semester, her extracurricular activities consists of tracking down the next International Student, striking up conversation and building tight relationships with them. She now adores watching Soccer, something she's never had an interest, because so many of the Internationals are here on scholarship to play.

What's so amazing is she doesn't do any of this because a church or group is making her or because she needs to rank up points for anything. She does it because she absolutely loves people, especially those from other cultures. I can't tell you how many countries her friends represent and how many trips she's planning! Each time I talk to her she's adding another foreign place to her list.

Do I sound proud? I am. Do I sound envious? I am. Do I sound overwhelmed that I helped produce such an awesome young lady? I am.

Is it easy or difficult for you to strike up a conversation with a stranger? How do you handle this?


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the picture of her as a little girl. That has to be the cutest picture EVER! And she is such a beautiful young lady, and a remarkable spirit. No wonder you are so proud!!!

    Hope you and your family are having a great weekend.

  2. She seems to be a natural.

    It's easy for me. I once would go out to the State University 'Brickyard' and set-up my ministry table and hand-out my homemade Tracts and dialog with the students for hours. This was back in the 90s for a few years.

  3. What an exciting opportunity! Yes, you should be proud (and, okay, maybe a bit envious!).

    We'll be expecting updates :)


  4. First off, what a beautiful young lady your daughter is. She looks like her mom!!

    Second, What an awesome experience she's going have and sounds like many more to come. My son is serving a mission in Mexico and loving it. I think it is so wonderful for them to have a desire go outside of themselves and serve others.

    Third, I have no problem striking up a conversation with others. I can be put in a room full of strangers and walk away with new friends.

    Congratulations to you and your daughter, you should be proud!

  5. wow. that's awesome! and good for her!

    you've got some great kids! one is set out to be a missionary. and the other can make a kick-butt rear view mirror decoration from a dead animal.

    rock on!

  6. Sweet pictures of then and now! Of course you are a proud mama! You have a right to be!

  7. she sounds like a real achiever! i'm sure she will have an amazing time in canada and make a positive impression on a lot of people.

  8. You have a beautiful daughter and every right to be proud of her and her accomplishments!

    I can talk to a stranger, but it really helps if they talk back. LOL

  9. #1 Your daughter sounds INCREDIBLE and #2 your daughter is GORGEOUS! And #3, could you tell me how much you prayed on a daily basis so that your daughter became such an awesome young lady? I've got 2 to raise here. :-)

  10. Hey girl, you won an award over at my site.


  11. You have every right to be proud, and I bet she is proud of you as well!

  12. Your daughter sounds like a great person, I'm sure you had something to do with that :)

    I don't meet many strangers either, I think it's something about the southern upbringing that makes you want to put people at ease when they're around you. What do you think?

  13. What a gorgeous girl with an amazing heart! I love that God works in some of the most beautiful ways I find it inspirational that she has done so much in school and with individuals who might have started scared and alone and she was the one who made the bond! It's fantastic and you should be so proud of her! I appreciate you sharing it very much it was perfect to read for a Monday!

  14. She's using her gifts for God's glory and it's absolutely fantastic!

  15. First, yes I DO have problems striking up conversations with strangers. I prefer total invisibility.

    Next, there would definitely be something wrong with you if you did not feel proud, envious, and overwhelmed by the accomplishments of your daughter. Beauty, brains, compassion, and sociability...and the willingness to give of her time to spread the word about her passion.

    What an extraordinary young woman!

  16. I agree you seem to be proud; why not? She's a very beautiful girl, apparently both inside and out. You can be proud of her!

  17. I talk to people on line - it's easier than walking up to a total stranger :)

  18. oh - I forgot you should be proud of your daughter!


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