Saturday, April 24, 2010

Robots, Chickens and Scarecrows

Here is some of this week (at least the shallow stuff) in pictorial review. Have a great weekend.

Kenny's recycle-bot is on display in a shop downtown.

Georgia College purchased and refurbished this movie theatre, sort of as a gift to the community.
Its always been called Campus Theatre and Oliver Hardy was supposedly inspired to give showbiz a try when he was working at the theater as an usher. 
They had the grand opening this week, which I attended. It houses a beautiful bookstore (which we desperately need since Waldenbooks closed), a new coffee shop called Jittery Joe's (can never have too many of those), and a Black Box Theatre which will be used to show occasional independent films and especially as a small theatre for the college productions. As a theatre geek, the dressing rooms, costume, make-up and acting labs are extraordinary!
At the opening they were showing silent films (Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, etc) which my 9 yr. old adores!  He was upset there was no organ music playing (where does he pick this stuff up?) so he provided his own sound effects and animation, much to the audience's delight!

This (its the front and back of the same scarecrow) greets me every morning now. It is standing in my front yard guarding my redneck's watermelon patch. (Same one who drives the truck, obviously) I have yet to go out my door and drive up my driveway without jumping, thinking someone's standing in my yard. What really cracks me up is that I see the back side (see picture on the right). The "front", the one with the face painted on it, faces the woods because that's where the deer are coming from.
Do you think they jump as often as I do?

AND this is another one of my Redneck's projects.
They're under my house. I know, How do you get under a doublewide? I'm glad you asked.
Our house is on a hill and before we moved in two bedrooms were added (so technically we're a triple-wide family) and they are stabilized by a "basement" type area beneath. And that's where the chickens are now staying. He's planning to open a booth or something this summer to sell watermelons and chickens.
He's taking suggestions for a name for his business (along with his junk-hauling that he still does occasionally).

And here's my favorite Kenny quote for the week
While watching brother play baseball he says,
"I don't understand baseball. I only play football video games."

That's some of what we've been up to. How about you? How was your week?


  1. A name for a business with Chickens and Watermelons....hmmmm...

    how about Chicks with Big Melons.......

  2. Lol...he would do better to just walk around and pee in the area where the deer are coming from...that scares em more than the scarecrow...

    Chickens and Watermelons! Well..they are both tasty...

    I love communities that refurbish and rebuild...its good the theater was redone and you now have a sounds great!

    Have a great weekend and sorry my response is so!

  3. I really need to come to Mville & see the theater! Triple wide, love it!

  4. I think Bry is on to something...Chicks with big melons, I busted up laughing when I read that!

    I must say you have very creative children. Notes to police, a recycled robot, a watermelon scarecrow, not to mention a custom detailed truck.

    Pretty impressive!

  5. I think it is way cool that you have a watermelon patch with a real live scarecrow!!

  6. I love watermelon!! Those chickens are so sweet. I want one as a pet :) I added you on FB in case you wonder who that weird chick is :)

  7. What fun you are having. I love the theater. There is one here in town that they did the same thing to. It is really nice.
    I don't know about a name but I like Chicks and Big Melons. LOL

  8. happy sits saturday sharefest!

    i love that they revived that theater building. i wish more of that happened.

  9. That robot is killer! So cool.

    I really love old single screen movie theaters and hate that they are washing out in today's culture. That looks like a very cool one.

    Great blog.

  10. Hey double wide. Found your site through southern mammas. I love it so much I linked to it on mine (tho mine is only a little over a week old). I really enjoy your creativity, humor, and interesting projects. Keep it coming!
    God bless
    Naomi Walking

  11. Great hodgepodge of life here. The Recycle Bot is ingenious - is his body a Quaker Oats box?

    We have a tiny town not far from us which, for reasons unknown, had a huge impressive opera house right in the middle of its two block downtown district. It sat in ruin for many years before one family bought it and attempted to remake it into a grand music venue. We went there a couple of times, but they were struggling, and I have no idea what eventually happened to it - but your post makes me want to find out.

    About getting under a double wide - oh, yeah, easy-peasy. We used to live in one, too, and had a problem with raccoons nesting in our insulation!

    You asked something about linking one of my posts? Sure, feel free. See you around!

  12. I love the pictures, the movie theater looks really neat! My week was pretty good, I didn't do anything to exciting, went to the drive-in on Friday, went to a park on Saturday and now I'm chillin with the hubs today :)

  13. is it weird that the scarecrows really freak me out?

    i have never see a silent film in the theater, but i think that would be a blast! but they would definitely need some old timey piano music, though!

  14. What about Chickymelon? LOL I'm not so creative you see! Its been a while. I see you are "plenty" busy as usual I've started some much needed renovations in my home. Its a big mess. I wish I could just leave the house and stay at a hotel while its all happening. My husband runs to the office and leaves me with all the responsibilities. My nerves are already shot. I always escape by blogging....Take care



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