Monday, April 5, 2010

This Post is NOT About My Son

My son that I promised not to blog about (I'm not) had a great time at his prom this weekend. 
     The next day, he and his buddy drove my car to the beach for spring break.

This blog is not about my son (I made a promise). Its about what I get to drive this week while he's gone.
This is what he left me to drive. It gets three miles to the gallon, which is why he drove my van to Florida.

He installed this awesome feature.

They turn on the speakers he fastened into the bed of the truck.

Another awesome feature. This is the head of a fox he killed and skinned. A dog got the body while it was drying so this is all that was left. He stuffed gold Werther's candy wrappers into the eye sockets. Maybe I can talk him into doing a tutorial so you, too can have this awesome rearview mirror decoration. Sure beats graduation tassels!

He was extremely proud that he washed all the mud off from the boggin expedition the night before.

At first I was a little disturbed at the thought of driving this massive machine through the drive-thru at Starbucks or parking it outside the mall. But I've decided to get in touch with my "Redneck Woman" side and live it up this week.

So if you hear the truck before you see it, if you see someone with the windows rolled down so the wind can blow their hair, if you hear loud country music blaring from the bed of the truck, it could be me or a thousand other women in touch with their redneck roots (not to be confused with those dark or gray roots that need to be touched up).

And for heavens' sake, if you see a mud hole, get outta my way cause I'm hitting it hard! Yeee Haw!


  1. I can just picture it and hear it coming! I'm sure it was sort of a fun escape for a little while!

  2. Ok - I love this! Reminds me of home :)

  3. What a way to start the week!

    Have FUN!!!


    (My work thingy is ressess, which seems pretty appropriate for your redneck experience!)

  4. It is SOOOOOO redneck to use house wiring, house switches, house paint, or house ANYTHING in a vehicle when automotive equivalents are easily available! I used to have a Toyota with taillights wired by a previous owner with lamp cord (which he ran out the back window and in through the trunk lid because he didn't know how to slip it between the seats) and painted red with housepaint and a brush. YEEEEEEE HA!

    Have fun. Once you get used to driving a truck there is no going back.

  5. Hahahaha!! Love it! It reminds me of the truck we drove as kids. Although my dad would leave the homemade sideboards on from when we would bale hay.

    We had to be pretty desperate to want to drive it. I think that was his plan!

    Have fun finding your inner Redneck!!

  6. Hilarious! Well, have fun with it.

  7. Hey, where's the gun rack and the lariat in the back window of the cab???

  8. I am cracking up still over the light switches! Not only that but the mental pic of you cranking the gas with "she thinks my tractor's sexy" blasting in the bed.... thank you LOL

  9. i remember when i was little. and my grandfather would unwrap a werther's original. and that gold wrapping would just make my heart leap. idk. the commercial says something like that.

    i vote tutorial.

  10. You have my lovely husband to thank for the ghetto-rigged speakers in the truck bed. At least my Dan's an ex-redneck now. That Werther's eyed creature is just crazy looking!

  11. OH! I'll bet you are a hit in that truck. Those switches are hilarious!

  12. I love it! I'm a new follower.

  13. Hahahahaha! OMG! I'm sure you're rockin' in that truck! My HS bff - a work of white trash art - jammed a babydoll head on gear shifter ...the kind w/blinking eyes & 'real' eye lashes. It was all black & disgusting. We used to burn it w/cigarettes (yeah, smoking was cool when I was 16). Baby was the creepiest thing I'd ever seen...until your butterscotch-eyed fox.

  14. you honestly make me laugh out loud . . . constantly! I love this one! SOooooo Great!

  15. Nice truck! Is it for sale? (reminds me of one I had once!)

  16. oh wow. light switches in a car? that is CLASSY, my friend. ;) i secretly love it...


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