Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are you employed, sir? No. Not Anymore...

Apparently he didn't really need this job.
He said he needed a job, but apprarently not that much.
He looked like he needed a job to support his drug habit, but that's a little judgemental on my part.

 I'm now an employeed of the U.S Census Dpt.... You know those annoying people that come knocking on your door just as your sitting down to enjoy your evening meal, and want to ask you these nosy, somewhat ridiculous questions ("Mr. Smith, you're a male, correct?"  We HAVE to ASK!). Please be nice. It may be me, and I would hate to have to blog about how rude you were....

We've been traning since Monday. 6:00pm-10:00 pm.  Its really not that big of a deal. The first night a few of us straggled (is that a word?) in after 6:00 because the weather was atrocious! (I know that's a word.)
But our fearless, slightly ditzy trainer stressed the importance of being on time for the duration of the training.

Second night, college-aged Joe Blow who smokes his cigarette up to the door and blows his last puff into the training room, struts in at 6:05. Ms. Trainer rebukes him, makes a spectacle of him, all but threatens him to be on time tomorrow.

Do you think he was? I really had hopes for him. I did. His seat seemed to blinking with neon signs reading "Loser! Not here! Don't Care!" at 6:00pm.  At 7:05 we ALL looked at the clock on the wall as Joe Blow (not his real name) entered behind a puff of smoke and plopped down in the blinking chair.

Trainer said "Excuse me," left the room and no one looked in Joe's direction. Joe closed his eyes as if trying to sneak in a little nap before getting down to some hard core Census training.

"Let's get back to work." We continued with the training for another hour and a half. After the break, he was  dismissed, but only after he was told to complete his pay form for that evening. Huh? We all knew he wasn't going to last, but rather than disrupt our training, she allowed him to be paid for an hour and a half work, PLUS travel, KNOWING he was going to be dismissed. Hmmmm.....

None the less, Joe didn't seem to mind, although when he introduced himself on Monday, he clearly said "I'm here because I need this job."  Apparently, he needed his nap more.


  1. Mr. Joe Blow sounds like he's on to the system. He knew he would get paid just for showing up. Apparently he only needed enough to get by.

    If people would fill out the form, they wouldn't have to be so put out when the Census people come a knocking.

    Good luck!

  2. That seems to be the (other) name of the game - (More) Waste of Taxpayers' Money....

    Have fun!


  3. Wow. Guys like this give those truly down on their luck a bad name.

  4. I forgot to fill out my form and now someone is going to come to my door. Hopefully you! Or someone like you that takes it seriously. He sounds inconsiderate and lazy :(

  5. If you are saying that YOU will be going door to door for census....I don't think I like that idea. You never know who will be on the otherside of that door...I hope you will be going with Hub and not alone.

  6. Stopped in cause I LOVE the name of your blog and so glad I did! LOL This is a great post. takes all kinds to make the workd go round!!

  7. Did they REALLY want Joe Blow going to someone's door?

  8. congrats on your new job! please be safe while you are out there.

  9. Wow- he sounds like quite a productive member of society...

    And you have a lot of guts doing that job- I'm pretty sure you're going to meet some crazies!

  10. Hey my Aunt is working for the Census in Florida - hope you like it!


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