Monday, May 17, 2010

Has it Really Been a Decade?

Ten years? Has it really been ten years since I said the words "I'm NOT moving to Milledgeville?  Ten years since we put down roots in the double wide parked behind the church? Ten years since my husband accepted the position of pastor and said the words, "I have no idea what I'm doing" ?

The church family honored us throughout the day yesterday in celebration of the last ten years. The evening included a potluck dinner and skits by the youth group.  The night even had a theme: chocolate. My husband, pastor is always saying there WILL be chocolate in heaven because Revelation says there will be no tears there.  That's of course, a loose interpretation but it did make the evening special.

The morning service included a guest choir and a few of the songs the pastor has said "Sing that one at my funeral." 

Thanks to modern technology and Power Point, no appreciation/memorial service is complete without an embarrasing slideshow.  This was no different. It is encouraging when people tell you that you look much younger now than you did ten years ago, but there's a good reason for that. I was nine months pregnant.

When our youngest child was seven, one of us thought it might be fun to have another baby. He agreed. What I didn't count on was moving 200 miles away toward the end of the eighth month. People started asking if I was having twins during my third month. (That is just as bad as asking someone when they're due when they're not...just don't ask, please.)

The picture that brought this to mind was of me sitting in front of the ocean backdrop for Vacation Bible School. We just moved a couple of days earlier and were in the middle of unpacking. I didn't look very happy.  I was holding a child's inflatable inner tube in front of my stomach trying to disguise something...not sure what.  I would love to share the picture but I can't seem to lift it out of the presentation. I'll keep trying but there's no way I'm posting it here!

At nine months we drove 200 miles to my doctor to beg her to induce labor.

"Two more weeks," she stated.

"WHAT? Look at me! I look like I'm having triplets, my feet are swollen, we moved 200 miles away. People get induced now so they don't miss their manicure appointments and you're telling me two more weeks?"

"Yes," she said (maniacally) "its too soon. Two more weeks."

What I wanted to say was, "Look, lady. You get this baby out of here now or I will CUT YOU."

But I didn't. I cried. In the office.

"Go home. I'll see you in two weeks, unless you go on your own before that."

Hubby drove back to new home, new church. I stayed in town with my mom. I called him eight hours later and said, "Get back here. I'm in labor."

He rushed back, which was silly because the combined time of my last three labors was six weeks. And this one was no different. 164 hours of intense labor later I was admitted to the hospital. The doctor shook her head and prepared to deliver my little bundle. I gave birth to the world's largest preemie, weighing ten pounds, eight ounces. The doctor almost dropped him as she was prepared to deliver nothing more than six pounds.

"HA!" I mustered up enough energy to look that doctor in the eye and say, "I told you I was ready!"

My smallest baby was 9 lbs 1 oz. When they started hitting double digits we thought it was a good time to stop.  We bundled up our toddler and headed back to Milledgeville and its hard to believe this is only home he's known, after ten years.


  1. Well, Happy 10th Anniversary! I am so glad the church had a celebration for you. I know you probably quite beloved there. However, since this is a small town, you may still be known at the newcomers! Loved hearing about the birth of your youngest too!

  2. Happy Church--versary....

    More importantly, please, please tell me (someone who is not yet pregnant, but hopefully will be soon) you're kidding about the 164 hours of labor. Please.

    Even if you have to lie to me.

  3. I thought my premie was big at 7 lbs 14.5 ozs!

    He was 4 weeks early.

    Great post - I enjoyed it!

  4. Biiiiigggg babies!!!
    I just tagged you as a Versatile blogger on my page:


  5. Well congrats on 10 years! My husband and I have been pastoring our church for just 2 and a half... so can we really make it to 10?!?!? :)

    By the way... my babies were all huge as well. My biggest was 10 pounds 13 ounces and my smallest was 9 pounds 12 ounces. :)

  6. I really enjoyed reading this.

    Laughed out loud about how big your preemie was.

    My second one weighed 9.3, but my dr. was prepared for a big baby. I'm guessing you did it naturally and not via c-section? Mine was naturally too. Of course, with a half an epidural (the other half didn't work. Oy!)

    Happy 10 years!! Sounds like you have a wonderful church family.

  7. I seriously laughed out loud when you said you bundled up your toddler! Great post and happy 10 year anniversary!

  8. So glad I found you on Southern Mommas! What a hilarious post! Congrats on such a big milestone!

  9. What fun, and congratulations on a decade of anything outside parenting!

    Whew to the size of your babies!!! Many more, and they'd come out the size of 6th-graders....


  10. You really have been there a long time! I've been here 11 years and I cried and cried about moving here. It took me at least a year to accept the fact we lived here.

    Now I am so fired up that I can move!

  11. Congratulations on 10 years. Glad they gave you a nice celebration.

  12. Happy 10th

    Sure enjoyed reading over your blog and I too laughed at the statement "We bundled up our toddler and headed back to Milledgeville"

    I dropped by from No, Don't and Stop and plan on coming back.

  13. your doctor probably says that to all the pregnant ladies because it probably gets them so upset that they all go into labor naturally!

  14. Happy 10th! I enjoyed your post...babies or toddlers telling the story of their special arrival is fun to share.

    Warm wishes!!

  15. Ohmyword. Good time to stop... Good time. Happy 10 years there! :-)

  16. You are totally cracking me up. This was hilarious and I'm only kinda sorry I laughed so hard :)

    (I argued with the doc over my actual due date and voila, Itty Bit was 5 weeks "early" - just like I told her).

    I am in awe of your amazing ability to deliver those healthy babes. *kudos*!

    And happy late ChurchVersary!


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