Monday, May 3, 2010

My Life, My Blog. The Musical.

I am a musical geek. That doesn't mean I play a lot of instruments. I do play piano (how cliche' is that, for a preacher's wife to play piano?) But that's not what I mean. By "Musical Geek", I mean I love musicals!

"High School Musical" and "Glee" are not musicals. They are posers. Wannabe's. I watch Glee occasionally because several of the stars (Matthew Morrison, Lea Michelle) and guest stars (Kristen Chenowith, Idina Menzel!) were first stars on Broadway.

When I was five years old a cousin gave me an LP (record) of Broadway classics for Kids  and I was hooked! I listened to that and "Songs from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" over and over. Then I discovered my mother had original soundtracks on LP from "South Pacific", "West Side Story", "The Music Man", and "The Sound of Music". I learned every word to every song and acted them out in the living room long before I even knew they were made into movies.

In high school I learned about "Cats", "Chorus Line", "The Phantom of the Opera" , "Le Miserables", and "Little Shop of Horrors".

Then my daughter was born. She entered this world singing. Literally. We thought she was crying but soon realized it was a melody. Its been almost twenty years and she hasn't let up. She introduced me to new musicals such as "Spamalot", "Wicked", "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee", and my newest favorite: "Next to Normal", that brings to light the nightmares of mental illness and the effects it has on the family. Its dark but wonderful.

I've had a part in many musicals, including Summer Stock Theatre at Jekyll Island where we ran three musicals all summer. I've written several musicals for church settings and am presently pursuing publication.

And now there is a trend that I just have a difficult time swallowing. That's taking a book, a show, whatever, throwing in a couple of songs and adding the words "The Musical" to it. Thereby, making it officially a musical. It makes my heart hurt for Rodgers and Hammerstein, Lerner and Loew, Sondheim, Andrew Lloyed Weber, who spent countless creative hours poring their hearts into book and lyric to make the musical magic. (in my opinion they could have spent a little more time on "Carousel", but that's just me.)

I understand that many of the former shows, including ones I've mentioned, were not original ideas but to add the words "The Musical" is just so .....cheesy. The musical world is itself already full of cheese product so why must you add "VELVEETA" to the title? 

But they've gone and done it. In order to keep musicals alive with the new generation, and to offer a complely "family-friendly" arena ("Avenue Q" has puppets, but trust me, is NOT family-friendly) you can now see "Little House On the Prairie, The Musical with Melissa Gilbert as "Ma"." 

I'm not criticizing the show, just the title. If you have to tell us its a musical, I'm a little nervous. And I think today's generation would be better reached with "CSI, The Musical", "Southpark, The Musical", "American Idol, The Musical" (Isn't that redundant and trust me, that one's coming...) and check out "Harry Potter, the Musical" that was written and performed by HP fans.  And actually its pretty good.

So I'm going to go sing and dance my way through this Monday. Its a lot better than dragging through it.

Is your life a musical? A sitcom? A mixture? A reality show? (haha) or just a series of commercials?

What TV show/story would you like to see made into a musical?


  1. Oh no, they're not really creating that kind of new musical, are they? I can't bear it!

  2. ok. that was hilarious. i love harry potter. also. i want to be cho. but that's only because she's the only asian. and if you have no idea what i'm talking about, it's ok.

    i used to sing all the words to les mis. all the time. it wasn't pretty.

  3. I love the old Gene Kelly musicals - Singin' in the Rain, Brigadoon, Summer Stock. No one could sing and dance like Gene! I also love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and find myself humming the tunes from it all the time.

  4. lol! They need to make Twilight....the Musical....just to finish off the rest of the public that hasn't gagged from that overdone drama!

    I love the classic mom had those albums too...and played them while cleaning the house!

  5. I love musicals too. Well, the real ones. I also love Meet Me in St. Louis and Easter Parade.

    I am not sure what show I would like to see as a musical, maybe 19 Kids and Counting.

    My life would be a boring documenatay. You know the ones that come on a probably 3 in the morning.

  6. I think my life is actually a horror movie sometimes!
    I am not terribly fond of musicals only because if you are following a plot in a movie, that all gets interrupted by the songs. But if the songs are really good, then I enjoy it.

  7. I do love musicals! The first one I remember seeing as a young girl on Broadway was Dreamgirls. I loved it! It was the first record I ever bought, followed by Laura Branigan's Gloria (yes, that's sad, I know). I think Les Mis is my favorite with Titanic, the musical being the absolute worst, yes, I should have known.

    What I like about Glee, it's certainly not a musical, is that it is bringing attention to the arts. And that's so important for the next generation of musical stars. Especially with this economy and everyone trying to cut out the arts in schools.

    My life, not so much a musical. If I could sing maybe. Right now it feels like a reality show and I'm hanging hoping not to be voted off.

    Thanks for swinging by and making my SITS day so wonderful. Your time and words mean the world to me.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  8. I think The Time Traveler's Wife could make a very good, classic musical with a mystical twist. It has all the components--a couple in love despite the odds, best friends who have to come to terms with the problems the couple faces, compilications. It could be really good if someone took the time to write real songs and make the story work.

    You know I also love musical theater, and it saddens me that there are no greats like R&H anymore. Has our society become so cynical as to not have lofty, slightly silly comic musicals anymore?

  9. Since you love musicals, I'll share this with you:

    My first semester of college, I took a History of Hollywood Musicals class. Three hours a week, we'd first hear a lecture all about the times and eras of the different musicals and then the last half of the class we'd watch a musical. 90 minutes of singing, sometimes horrid acting and culture on a great big screen.

    I loved it.

  10. I love Chicago - that is my fav! I also like The Sound of Music, CATS

    Just about any of them!

    My life is a drama, kinda like Party of 5, someone is always facing something. (we just are not as gloomy)

  11. Some of the remakes, I really like. Legally Blonde worked wellI thought. Shrek, not so much. There's also The Adams family coming out!
    I am currently (I kid you not) working on "Miss Congeniality: The Musical"
    The greatest part of it in my opinion is the Michael Caine character singing "I'll be Queen of them All" Seriously...

  12. My life would rate as a comedy. I'm not into drama and avoid it all all cost.

    I love musicals, and my favorite is Mama Mia!

  13. I think my life might be all of the above.. it depends on the day!That is what makes life interesting!
    Maybe a musical should be made of The Walton's.It certainly would be family friendly.

    I am following from Friday Follow.
    Come visit me and enter my drawing for the beautiful baby book. There are only 2 more days in the drawing!

  14. Thank you for your comment on my post today, I hope your kids come home as well!!

  15. This would be my life if it were set to music:

    LOL! I've seen it and it's hilarious!

  16. My life is totally a dramedy. And I love musicals too, because in real life people should break into song more. Also, my oldest daughter is often mesmerized when I sing "Tomorrow" to her. :-) (Never mind that the 3-year-old says, "Mommy, stop singing! She's 3, though, what does she know?!) ;-)

  17. My live is definitely a musical. I burst into song spontaneously all day long! LOVE Glee, btw..And my husband surprised me by taking me to see Wicked on my 40th birthday - it was amazing!

    Over from SITS

  18. Yes I agree, if it has to have "The Musical" written after the title it shouldn't count. :P Although I did mildly enjoy Legally Blonde.

    I just watched RENT Live on Broadway yesterday and enjoyed it, although it would have been better with Anthony Rapp as Mark and Sebastian Arcelus as Roger IMO.

  19. I don't think everything would make a great musical. Stopping from SITS!

  20. i totally grew up with "the king and i," "west side story," and "the music man!" i still get "the music man" songs stuck in my head all the time! "marrrrrrrion. madame librarrrrrrrrrrian!"

  21. I don't know if you'll even see this comment, as I'm a couple weeks late. But, in my defense, I just found you today.

    Anyway, I LOVE musicals, hence my degree in musical theatre performance. I've been in and directed many shows. My husband is finishing a degree in theatre and performs ALL the time in musicals. But, i digress.

    My favorite, FAVORITE musical of all time is Secret Garden, tied with Ragtime. If you haven't heard either, I suggest you run out right now and get the music. SO FABULOUS!

    I actually wrote a post last month randomly naming every musical I've ever seen. It was a bit ridiculous as my list got up to nearly 90 shows. There sure are a lot of great and crappy things to watch/hear out there.

    Anyway, enjoyed your post.

    Oh, and my life would be a dramedy musical. Can't have a day without singing in it.


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