Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maybe I AM an Electronic Device!

The characters you entered didn't match the word verification. Please try again.

Do these words look familiar to you? I see them every single day. I am apparently a computer.


These are a few of the words that I didn't enter correctly today.
I want to do it right. I put my glasses on. I squint. But I can't tell the difference sometimes in an 'm' or 'n' or a 'er' and 'w'.  

And I'm tested in this more and more often. And failing more and more often. (heavy sigh)

I find its especially difficult as I try to post a link on Facebook and I get jumbled letters, all crowded together with black ink smeared across them. I find myself often yelling out loud at the computer.


Apparently a computer can't. And me. "Oh, I'm sorry", I think to myself, "I wasn't familiar with groikle. I would never have mistaken it with pueglty if I had looked closer!! What the heck is going on here??"

And then I get disctracted wondering what these words mean, if anything. I know they're supposedly fictious but I can't help it. I start making up definitions. Here's a few I've come up with recently.

resoft- obviously to make something soft again. Honey, my underwear are getting all scratchy. Could you resoft them for me?

oveyb- The tiny crumbs left in the very bottom of the bread bag.  Do not throw the oveyb out. I'm saving it to bread the chicken next week.

surmmrl- September 22. The last day of summer. I thought surmmrl would never get here but it won't feel like it til December!

fuergt- to forget something you know you know. I know you're my firstborn and I fuergt your name, just give me a hint!

What chofkeplles (the nonsense words that prove you're not an electronic device)  have you typed lately?


  1. Loved your definitions!!!

    I love it when my computer tries to complete the word verification thing without me and it does it with another nonsense word that is has used before.

    I wrote a post about using word verification as a way to name your unborn baby. So many uses!

  2. I can always count on you to make me laugh!

    Enjoyed this post!

  3. Funny and TRUE!

    I've had years of experience reading nonsense words from my mother-in-law's emails. Her spelling isn't so bad, but her typing??? YIKES.

    Some recent examples from one BRIEF email: ciut, hyu, fgoes, exciues, wikl, bved, seeinding, mater, guews, hthjis, anmuything, thjat, etc., etc., etc. The sad part is that I now read it without batting an eye....


  4. Ha! Love the post!! Maybe the verification words are all the misspelled words people type before they spell check. Their computer saves them and resuses them for verification words.

  5. LOL ~ Thanks for the chucle this morning. :)

  6. Too funny. I am a computer too :)

  7. That 'captcha' stuff is pretty annoying...I don't know WHY they think it has to be so hard to read in order to prevent spam.
    I am seriously thinking that I may not comment anymore on blogs that have this turned on...but then, a lot of my favorite blogs use it, so what can I do? Try to convince them to get rid of it?

  8. I have that option off on mine and won't use it unless there is some sort of problem, I have only had a couple spam comments so far and I suppose they really didn't like my blog because they dropped me without having to type in the bogus words, maybe I confused them with my accent :^)

    Loved this post I am still grinning at the definitions.

  9. This was hilarious!!

    At least on Facebook, it's pretty forgiving. I'm certain I don't always get them correct, but it gives it to me anyway.

    On blogger, not so much!

  10. Ugh they are horrible! I have that off on my blog. I've only gotten a handful of spam comments and they're easy enough to delete. Do unto others I say and I hate the effin things! Especially when you *think* you've done it and close the page, but see just as is flashes closed that you entered it incorrectly and your comment didn't submit. *sigh*

  11. This is so funny. Have a great day!

  12. Good way to look at something awful. I hate those word varifications. Makes you feel stupid when they don't work.

  13. Yes, the best part of the word verification is thinking they're real words!

  14. oh my gosh, i was totally planning a post JUST LIKE THIS!! so funny. and i think i'm going to start using "resoft" from now on...

  15. This is so funny!

    The only one of mine I can remember (isn't that sad? I just came here straight from doing one and I can't remember what it was,) was a few weeks ago - FUCRED it said. Only I couldn't tell if that R was actually an R or a K. Seriously. I started to just type in some gibberish and go for a new word, but I just HAD to know...typed it in with an R and it worked.

    So my definition of that word is: a person who has little credulity, as he has few credentials to his name.

  16. You are so funny, lady!!! I've been having my own challenges with blogger and my comments disappearing, so I am right there with you!!! Funny funny funny!!

  17. today one of the word verifications I got was "ghetto fly" -- hmmm...ok.

    thanks for the laugh. :)

  18. I know! I don't have great eyesight, so I fail them pretty often. The Facebook ones are much harder than the Blogger ones, too.

  19. From the halls of great minds thinking alike, check out my post (address below) and then check out the comment from Cheryl that links to her post. There is a dictionary in the works!!!



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