Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Real Thing

I was married just a couple of months, had recently turned the wise age of 21, when I was visiting with my dear Mama and Daddy.  I opened the freezer to "fix the drinks." (They weren't broken, but that's what we say when its time to prepare beverages, i.e. sweet tea, for meals.) Upon opening the freezer I noticed something that caused me to ask a question that had been burning within since I had arrived home from our 2 day honeymoon.

"Mama, why do I have butter in my freezer?"

"What's that, dear?" She was stirring hot gravy on the stove.

"Why do I have REAL butter, not margarine, in my freezer, not the refrigerator?"

She turned off the stove, removed the hot, steamy goodness we would soon slather on everything, from biscuits to the field peas and looked at me directly.

"Honey, what are you talking about?"

"Mama, I noticed you have a box of REAL butter in your freezer. And Mrs. Branch (ny new mother-in-law) has a box of REAL butter in her freezer. So I when I went shopping to stock my kitchen I bought a box of REAL butter and put it in my freezer, because I want to be a good wife. But for the life of me, I don't know why it's there. We've never eaten real butter as long as I can remember but the freezer is always stocked. Is it okay to ask, or is this one of those things I just simply need to accept?"

She closed the blinds slightly, poured a fresh cup of coffee, and lowered herself into the great rocker she often sat in when she imparted wisdom....not really but I wanted to build the tension in my story.

She laughed. And then she looked at me with that look, "girl, you are so crazy. I'm glad I got you married off so young cause now you are somebody else's problem."

What she said was something like, "To make pound cake."


"I don't know," she finally admitted. "Real butter goes in pound cakes, cookies, lots of baked goods and its just something good to have on hand."

"Oh. So I gotta learn to make pound cake?"

She laughed again. Not with me...at me..."Never met a man who didn't like pound cake."

"Can't his mom make him pound cake?"

"Let's eat."

All our great discussions and disagreements can be settled with those two words. Wars could be put to end with those two words. The inevitable financial ruin of our country may well be avoided if someone would simply take the initiative to boldly, without restraint announce, "LET'S EAT!"

I quit buying butter years ago because I found a recipe that calls for Crisco instead. Its quite good. But I admit, now that Mama and Daddy are gone from this life, I miss little things like our talks, Daddy's laugh, and Mama's gravy. What my life needs right now, health matters aside, is some REAL BUTTER.


  1. I miss talking to my Granny about life. And BMs, she was always asking about those.

  2. Indeed your right girl, real butter is where it's at! Your mama would be proud of me cause I have my freezer stocked full of butter. I use it in everything and on everything!

  3. Real ANYTHING rules.
    Anytime you buy something at the store that says it is 'fat free'...what it really means is 'taste free'. Even the so-called 'healthy' crap is bad, anything processed is bad...so if you are going to eat the garbage, eat the REAL garbage!

  4. I'm with your mamma on this one. Real butter. When my daughter visited me a few months ago, she was aghast at Crisco in my pantry. You would thing I had shot someone.

  5. So now that you know this...will you continue to keep it in your freezer?

  6. Oh, I LOVED reading this!!

  7. I grew up in a margarine family, but my ex husband ushered me into the world of REAL butter. I consider it one of the nicest things he did and buying real butter is one of the only things I started doing for him that I still do just for me :)

    I gave you a little ol' award on my blog. Please stop by if you'd like to claim it!

  8. This made me laugh! I have a freezer stuffed full of real butter because of this one Mennonite kid who is the BEST salesman ever! When we go to pick up our raw milk, he's like, 'Oh, and I put in 8 pounds for you this week Mr. Alpha Hubby" and Alpha Hubby can't say no. Plus the butter is beyond yum. We got off chemicals over a year ago. Good news is that butter is far healthier for us than anything fake (in moderation), unnatural or that tastes bad (altho Crisco is good as a dry-skin cream!).

  9. "its just something good to have on hand" and "Lets Eat" now what more do you need than this :^)

    Loved this post.

  10. I just love this story you shared! Butter has been a staple in my grandma and mom's freezer when I was growing up, too! And check out my post later tonight - you'll laugh . . . it has to do with . . . BUTTER!!! Hope you are doing well. And thanks for sharing a bit of your Momma with us! Love it.

  11. that is actually one of the few things i have in my freezer at all times! funny story- i'm sure your mom and dad are laughing at this from up above :)

  12. REAL butter is where it's at for me, just ask my "muffin top"! GREAT blog, couldn't resist following you!


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