Monday, March 14, 2011

Here's An Update

Wow! Why have I let so much time go by without blogging? How can it be?

 Did I fall asleep like Rip Van Winkle?  Did I get bored with the whole blogging thing?
 Not exactly.  I finished directing Once Upon a Mattress over the summer and it was a huge success, meaning we finished in the black financially, and a ton of fun seemed to be had by all. Pictures can be seen at a website I'm sort of in charge of at

Once that show finished we started working on Sanders' Family Christmas, where I played Vera, the matriarch of the fictional singing family bunch and low and behold, had a Christmas tree fall right on top of me during my wonderful speech about Santa's Elves gone bad.  One of the most memorable lines Vera has, as she is giving the "childrens' devotional" is "What does Santa do if you're bad? He doesn't bring you any toys. What does God do if you're bad? He sends you straight to everlasting hell."  Of course, out of context it sounds horrible, but in the middle of the Sanders' Family chaos, its quite amusing!

While rehearsing that show I got a job at a Behavioral Health Center as a Peer Counselor, which means I don't have a psychology degree but I do have experience to share that will hopefully help someone else. I lead two groups for two hours each, everyday. These are folks who have a variety of mental health issues and I'm excited to be working with them. It makes for a long, tiring, yet rewarding day. I started that job in November and am going next week for two week training to become a CERTIFIED Peer Counselor. Will that mean a raise? Nope. I work partially for the state. Mr. State is not giving raises at this time. Ah, well.

I took part in our Community Theatre's Mystery Dinner Theatre and got to be the killer! That was fun!

Of course there's all sorts of church activities going on and you can see some of that, if you're interested, here.
I've got one graduating college and one finishing high school, both in May. My high schooler is Star Student in the county and Valedictorian. My college grad if finishing art school with honors. This is one proud Mama.

I plan to be back before the next six months but if you don't hear from me before then, stay safe, stay happy.