Double Wide Lens

As I blog-hop (that's apprently a real term) I've seen these beautiful pictures of a wide assortment of topics. This fact further affirms I have the right hobby/career hopeful/timewaster... because I have always enjoyed taking pictures.

One of my first cameras, if not the first, was shaped like the head of Mickey Mouse. I am laughing out loud as I recall this memory because I was so very proud of that camera and thought I looked amazing. I was sixteen at the time. Not really, more like six but I soooo wish I had that camera now. It would likely bring hundreds of dollars on ebay!

The next camera I remember using proudly was my handy-dandy-take-anywhere POCKET camera. Remember those? They were about the size of an average cell phone but all it did was take pictures and not very good ones if I remember correctly. I have an album full of pictures taken on a weekend fieldtrip from about 1978-79. Thank goodness I jotted down what the pictures were because they all look like solar glares.

Then I got a disc camera. Those didn't last very long but we thought they were so high-tech. It was basically a make-your-own view master.

On this page I'll just post a few pictures that I like, maybe a short description and hopefully you'll enjoy them too.


The weekend of Valentine's we were hit by a rare winter storm. The last time Middle Georgia was hit by this much snow, I believe, was the blizzard of '93. We've had some light dustings since then but this was spectacular and a treat from a Marvelous Creator!

Someone said these pictures of our backyard reminded them of Narnia.

It was so beautiful.
Something we just don't